Lombardi and Banner should be on notice: Heads will roll!

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OPEN LETTER TO Jimmy Haslam: If Banner and Lombardi screw up the choice of coach or the 2014 draft, please fire them by this time next year! They should never have been hired and need to go.



The Browns front office fired head coach Rob Chudzinski after just one year after a 4-12 season. But that is not the story here. The story here is the total lack of talent that Joe Banner and Mike Lombari provided him.


They were the ones that decided not to sign another QB when Brian Hoyer was out for the season. They were the ones that kept bringing in guys on the bottom of the roster that disrupted the special teams. The short bus special teams lost 3 games alone. They were also the ones that brought in highly paid but limited production free agents. They were the ones that decided not to spend excess cap money to bring in players at CB, OG, OT, and WR. They were also the ones that decided to change to the 3-4 defense from a team that never fit that scheme. They were the ones that were willing to throw 2013 away to be “good” in 2014.


Now it will be Banner and Lombardi that will find their heads on the chopping block. They have the largest pools of cap space dollars in the league. They have 10 picks including 5 of the top 100 picks. You had better have a block-buster draft and bring in a BIG name coach or next December you should be gone too!


There are rumors that Josh McDaniels will be the next HC. That would be a disaster. He has no ability to get along with his players. As the head guy in Denver he destroyed the team by forcing starting QB Cutler to demand a trade. McDummy wanted Matt Cassel instead. That shows he has no clue how to evaluate talent or judge ability.


This move makes the Browns and the HC job a league wide joke. We already know that no coach with any self confidence would touch this job with Banner running the operation. Banner has a worse reputation around the league than Cowboy owner/GM Jerry Jones has.


I have been a Browns fan since 1953. Had I been the GM of the Browns, in 1999 we would have selected QB Curt Warner off the Rams exposed list. In 2011 we would have drafted Russell Wilson to be our QB. If Banner and Lombardi hire McDummy or screw up the 2014 draft and keep their jobs I am done as a Browns fan. That will be 61 years of being a fan down the drain.




That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.


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