Live game notes Browns/Cowboys

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Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys before the 200...

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys before the 2008 National Football League Pro Bowl football game at Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 10, 2008. VIRIN: 080210-N-8623G-010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Live Game Notes Browns/Cowboys


Good move to defer after winning the coin toss.


Nice stop by the D.



Good catch by Little. Maybe he is beginning to get it.


No room for the run. WE NEED A FB!


Cooper shows his youth and goes just sort of the LTG.


The punt almost got blocked. Bad news. That will cost us sometime soon.




OLB JMJ’s speed to cover good to see. It is a refreshing change from the slow old guys that played there last season.


Robertson and JMJ are the best OLBs we have. They need to start full time.


Hagg with nice coverage.



Good run by TRich on his own. Shows vision and strength.


Great catch by TRich.


Gordon reaches behind him to pull in the pass


No hole again for TRich. He is not dancing he is looking for a hole.


Obbi1 as a FB? What is that?


Good block by Cribbs on the pass.


The O line needs work on run blocking.


Great catch by Watson for the TD.


What is this thing called TOUCHDOWN? I have never seen it before.


=CL 7 DA 0


D does a great job of getting Boys off the field.



Great play by TRich to move the ball deep into Boys land.


=CK 10 DA 0


Double TE working on the sweep. The Boys are struggling to set the edge against the run.


Greco doing a nice job pulling on the inside run. He reminds me a little of Steinbach.


Bubble screen won’t work with Small WRs blocking.


The Boys shoot themselves in the foot again with a roughing the QB call.


The communication breaks down again and the Browns call a TO.


Hardesty with a nice run. Showing better vision than last year.


On 3rd and 7 Weeden should have run. He needs to be encouraged to tuck and run when the field is open like that.


=CL 13 DA 0


Good pressure again and Hughes gets the sack


The challenge is a bad idea. And the Browns lose the TO


Skrine bad move to cover Bryant. He is way too short to cover a big WR.


At least the call was not pass interference.


On the next play they get the call again.


On the long pass to Austin Skrine could have been called again. He has to stop using the arm bar and trust his speed to keep contact with receivers.



=half time


The first down run TRich got hit on the ribs again. He is still no where close to 100%.


Bad thow on 2nd and 5 wide of the mark.


TRich gets the catch and the FD. THAT is what he can do that others can’t.


Another FD on a pass to TRich.


Shurmur is being way too conservative in play calling. He is playing not to lose.


Great pickup of the blitz by Smith on the long pass to Little.


Thomas gets beat by Ware for a sack and the punt goes into the end zone.


They have to get a better punter.




Bryant should have scored but the whistle blew.


Jones for 12 and the Boys O is moving


Hughes chased Romo and the throw was off but they get the face mask despite no one being tackled


Parker puts pressure on Romo and gets the holding call against the Boys. He has been playing very well for an old guy.


-CL 13 DA 3


JMJ shows his football instincts with a great recovery of an onside kick.


Greco got no push on the run by TRich.


Shurmur is getting too conservative on the play calls.




Bryant gets the long pass. Look for him to be more involved.


With the long penalty against Ward the wheels begin to fall off.


Skrine is giving too much ground and the DL is not getting pressure against the 3 step drop. That combination will take DA to the win.


The Boys score the TD and the wheels are off.


=CL 13 DA 10


Cribbs fumbles and the Boys get it. The call was bad because he was down.


Hockley got it right. I was surprised they reversed the call.


Weeden panicked and threw the ball into the crowd. Can’t do that.


Another season another NEW starting QB.


Three and out and the Boys get the ball outside their 40.




Skrine jumped and knocked the ball away at the 5 Good play.


Rubin stuffed the 3rd and 1 run.


Vickers catches the 4TH down pass. He was allowed to go free agent because they said he couldn’t catch.


Pass for the TD and the game is over


-DA 17 CL 13


Special teams blow it again and the team starts from the 11


The ball was almost picked at the 17 but the penalty against Ratliff gave the Browns a 1st.


Weeden under pressure loses his cool and throws it away.


Weeden fumbles and that is the ball game.


With the second overall pick in the 2013 draft the Browns take …




The D forces a fumble but Romo’s knee was down.


WHAT? A break for the Browns? I can’t believe it.



A pair of great catches by Little and Gordon move the ball inside the Boy’s 20.


Shurmur will go for the FG and hope to get the ball ball.


Bad call on the 4th down fade pass to the TE. Should have given Weeden a pass run option. I can not remember the last time a fade worked for the Browns. SHURMUR WHAT ARE YOU DOING?




Great stop by the D gives the Browns the ball in good field position



Great throw by Weeden gives the Browns a 20-17 lead. But cheer up draft fans, they will still not win.


=cl 20 da 17 1:07 left


Fouls by the D give the Boys a field goal.


-DA 20 CL 20 OT


Romo takes the Boys right down the field.


Robertson gets the sack but Romo recovers for the 1ST


The Browns get off the field but not soon enough.





“Great” call by Shurmer results in a 3 and out and a punt.








Final thoughts:


As a coach the worst thing that anyone can say is the coach took away our chance to win. By getting too conservative, Shurmur ended the chances of the team to win. He should not be permitted to continue to call plays. In the 2nd half the difference was the number of 3rd and long situations the Browns faced. The Boys made adjustments and the Browns were not able to understand what was happening and adjust themselves.


When you look in the eyes of TRich and the other young players used to winning, you see a frustration that is going to drive them to leave when their deals expire. THAT will kill any chance the team will ever become competitive.


Shurmur needs to be fired now so that the team doesn’t lose all hope for the season.


That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He edits  He has also published several novels on and a non-fiction work at


He edits .


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