LeBron James Opted Out.


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According to ESPN Sports Center, Lebron James’ agent informed the Heat that he will opt out of his contract. This is the biggest case of buyers remorse since somebody at Ford came up with the idea of the Edsel. There are two people that Heat fans can blame for LeBron’s decision—Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

As I have said before during the NBA finals against the Spurs both guys played like manikins in a dress shop. Wade is a has been and Bosh is a never was. If Wade was anything close to healthy he would have helped turn the tide against the Spurs. Bosh was over rated in the draft, over rated when he came to the Heat and is only a star in his own eyes. He disappears during critical parts of the game. When a star needs to step up, he steps back.

The question is where will LeBron choose to go? There is a lot of talk in Cleveland that he might come back to the Cavs. As a former part owner of the team, I would love that. It seems that his wife likes the Akron area better than South Beach. If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. While the Cavs have gotten 3 of the last 4 top picks in the draft, it has not been able to get the stability necessary to be an attractive landing spot for LeBron.

The hiring of Mike Brown last off season was a disaster. Mr. Potatohead did very little to make the team better. His lack of leadership contributed to the dysfunction and communication failure of the team. Granted Brown made the defense better but his offense looked like something out of the stone age with Fred Flintstone playing the 3.

I do like the hire of David Blatt. He has won everywhere he has been. He also knows the foreign players better than just about anyone in the US. Not only is he likely to solve the O issues the team has had, he may be able to get a couple of under-rated prospects to sign after the draft.

I agree with my guest last night David Kay basketball guru of walterfootball.com that the chance of LeBron coming to the Cavs is below 10%. But that was before LeBron opted out. There is still a chance he will go back to the Heat.

He had a lot of faith in Heat management but so far has not seen much productivity from it. The biggest problem the Heat have is lack of cap space. Neither Bosh or Wade will opt out because they have very little value on the open market. That means if LeBron resigns it would have to be at a lower salary if he wanted to give the Heat cap room.

There is another possibility to watch for. Once both Bosh and Wade opt in, one or both could be traded. While the players have little value as free agents, the fact that both of their big deals expire in 2015 makes the contract attractive to some teams. We could see one traded before the 2014-15 season.

Other teams that could be attractive for LeBron could be the Bulls, Rockets, or even the Pacers. Rumors have been widely tweeted that LeBron and Carmelo Anthony would like to play together. I don’t get that. Anthony is the Black Hole of the NBA. The ball goes in Carm then goes up. While he would take some of the pressure for scoring off of LeBron’s shoulders, I wonder if Anthony is the “team” guy that LeBron wants to play with.

The Bulls need LeBron and a healthy Derrick Rose to make a charge in the East. The Rockets make some sense but does LeBron want to face the much better Western conference? I doubt it. It would be fun to see LeBron sign with the Pacers. Payback is a bitch and if he does not resign with the Heat, Miami will lean what that really means.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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