Josh McDaniel is the wrong choice to coach the Browns.

Josh McDaniel is the wrong choice to coach the Browns.

English: Josh McDaniels at the 2009 Denver Bro...
English: Josh McDaniels at the 2009 Denver Broncos Fan Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Those of you that have been reading this site for awhile know I am not a fan of Josh.


On Mar. 17, 2009 after Josh was caught trying to trade for QB Matt Cassel (NE) and caused his pro-bowl QB Jay Cutler to demand a trade, I wrote the following:


Bowlen blew it when he fired Mike Shanahan and blew it again in hiring the 32 year old McDaniels. McDaniels is not mature enough to be a head coach in the NFL. It was a bad hire and this is only the first screwup for which McD will be responsible.


I was correct.  Following that debacle, Josh was forced to give pro-bowl WR away for next to nothing and would have lost pro-bowl DE Dumerville to free agency if he had not been fired.  McD implemented a 3-4 forcing Dumerville to play OLB.  That is not the best way to use his talent.


To the credit of Bowlen (owner of the Broncos) his next hire was a good one.


Now the most persistent rumor about who will replace Shurmur is—wait for it—Josh McDaniel.  That would be a monumental mistake.


The history of the Bill Belichick coaching tree has been dismal.  Here are the results:


Josh McDaniels – Fired after less than 2 years


Eric Mangini Browns (2009-2010) – Was so bad at judging talent that he lost his GM control after a year and only got a 2nd year because Mike Holmgren wanted his boy Shurmur to get a 2nd year of OC before introducing the later as HC.


Romeo Crennel Browns (2005-2008) Chiefs (2012) – You would have thought that after the Crennel disaster the Browns owner would have had more sense than to hire another Beilchick clone. Not only did the Browns go for a clone but KC promoted Romeo after the team fired Haley.


Al Groh, New York Jets (2000) – Groh was lucky to survive a year.


Nick Saban, Miami Dolphins (2005–2006) – A much better college coach than pro.


Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions (2009–?) –  Jim has lost control of the team that has way too much talent to have this bad a record.



So my question is this:  What would make Jimmy Haslam even consider McDaniel for the job?


For one thing the 3-4 defense does not fit the Browns personnel at all.  The weakness of this team is at OLB.  And the strength is our DT rotation.


And don’t forget McDaniel drafted Tebow in the first round then did not develop his passing mechanics.  I wonder if he could not or just did not think it was a priority?


The biggest issue I have with Shurmur is that he is about as flexible as cement.  He seems incapable or unwilling to make adjustments during the game.  The same things have been said by players for McDaniel.


My experience has been those that believe they are the smartest guys in the room are usually not even in the running.  The Browns need a coach that will put the players in the best situation to take advantage of their abilities and help them win.  We did not see that with Shurmur and I doubt that McDaniel would be any different.


That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He edits  He has also published several novels on and a non-fiction work at

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