Johnny Manziel is at it again.


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Johnny Manziel was involved with a heckler in Texas attending the Byron Nelson golf tournament. At the pool, he was heckled by a fan and got so upset he threw a water bottle at the individual. Of course there was no damage because Johnny is no more accurate at throwing water bottles as he is with footballs.

There are two things that bother me about this. First, I was expecting a better version of Johnny after his rehab. I was hoping he had developed a better attitude and a thicker skin after the self evaluation that is a central part of rehab. Clearly he has not learned a lot from rehab. That leads me to my next issue.

If Johnny expects to be a Browns QB, he had better improve a lot. If not, he can expect to experience much more criticism. While the Browns claim he is doing much better, the reports from camp indicate he is still struggling with the playbook and his reads. That makes me wonder if he is doing the work necessary to learn the new offense.

There are two positives however. First the incident did not involve a blow up swan. Second, Johnny will not have to unlearn last year’s offense because he never learned it.

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  1. Ive heard a lot of talk on the Manziel water bottle incident on sports TV talk shows.Even the non Manziel supporters agree this was for the most part much to do about nothing.The 18yr old bugging Johnny for his autograph over and over again finally got Manziel’s goat up and Johnny threw the bottle way short of the fan and it hit the ground.Johnny needs his posse to grow a pair and get rid of theses ignorant and possibly drunk fans and tell them hey Johnny is here trying to enjoy the golf with his friends and G/F he isnt signing today…Or get security that is trained for these situations.It is a shame that players have to go to the extreme they need to but these days with 24/7 coverage it is necessary.Certain events are set up for autographs,this is when players are expected to sign they are still human and in this situation they should be able to walk away if they want without ignorant fans that will not take no for an answer.

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