Joe Banner, I warned you three weeks ago!


On Jan. 24 I warned both Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi that Jimmy Haslam had more bullets in his gun. Today Haslam pulled the trigger again twice to end the reign of the King and Crown Prince of football in Cleveland. It was a very good move.


Anyone that has listened to my radio show knows I am not a big fan of either one. Banner is a very good cap manager. However, he has NO BUSINESS sticking his nose into the selection of coaches or players. The only place we saw Mike was on milk cartons asking “have you seen this person?” But the concept of being the smartest guys in the league was obvious in several of the draft picks and free agent signings during their reign.


Despite protestations to the contrary, it was clear that many viable coaching prospects felt the Browns’ job was not worth the risk of working with Banner and Lombardi. Radioactive or not, it was not a management team that inspired confidence in the potential hires or the fans. 4-12 stains everyone involved.


Now the Browns have a solid coach and a real football man in the front office. That is a good move. Many of my guests on the show hoped that new GM Ray Farmer would have a major input into the use of the 10 picks in the Browns possession. I join any number of life long Browns fans in cheering the move and the willingness of Haslam to recognize something was not working. Congrats Jimmy. We are with you and the team. With the changes today it is a lot easier to have confidence.


That is what I think. Tell us what you think.


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