It is time for Oho State to put a muzzle on Dr. Gee


Dr. Gee and I have a little history.  During his first stint as the President of OSU he would take calls during half time of the football games.  I called. Despite just accepting a nice salary bump for himself and tenured professors, Dr. Gee had just asked for more tax payer money.  I suggested that he and the others donate some of the large salary increases to offset the request to the legislature.  THAT was the last call that he ever took.  After that, the call in segment was dropped from the half time festivities.


For the second time in less than three years, Dr. Gee said something stupid for which he had to apologize.  Both times involved insults to the Catholic community.  His first was the “Sisters of the poor” comment.  This last one not only insulted the University of Notre Dame and its leadership but the entire SEC as well.


I have experience being a conservative in the liberal OSU.  I was told point blank that if I completed my graduate studies at OSU in political science, I would never get tenured.  My views were “too far out of the norm for this university.”  I mention this because had a conservative made either of these comments, he or she would have been fired on the spot.  And yet loose lipped liberals can babble their way through life with the support of both the Board of Trustees and the “intellectual” community.


Ohio State drew the ire of the sports and legal world by spending tax payer money to defend it adding “The” to the name.  While the US Constitution does not protect the citizens from being insulted, it is never a good idea to do so publically.  Now that the Big 10 (sorry they cannot count) is renaming the football divisions, I have a suggestion.  Let’s call one “teams that have lost to the SEC” and the other “teams that will lose to the SEC soon.”


That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


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