It is time for Browns GM Ray Farmer to go!


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I really like ESPN/Cleveland’s Tony Grossi but he is a little too kind to the Browns. Those of you that have followed FPS know I have been critical of the drafts for years. That brings us to the now suspended Ray Farmer. Tony is too nice to say it but I am not. It is time for Ray to go.

The most important position in the NFL is quarterback. Prior to the 2014 draft the Browns did a study (reportedly costing around 250K) to find out which QB had the best chance to become a franchise guy. The answer was Teddy Bridgewater. So with Bridgewater on the board, the Browns moved up from 28 to 22 to take—wait for it—Johnny “Football” Manziel. Bridgewater has become a promising starter and Manziel has an affinity for blow up rubber swans. Even after the disaster vs. the Bengals Farmer refused to take a couple of QB prospects that showed promise later in the draft. There are rumors that Manziel was not Farmer’s choice. That does not matter to me. A GM has to be strong enough to make his choice or quit if he is over ruled.

In this most recent draft Farmer has continued to deny the team any solid WR prospects. His two years “calling” the shots for the Browns have included some of the most prolific WR prospects in recent history. He finally relents to pressure and traded draft pick to moved up to take Vince “stone-hands” Mayle. The history of Mayle should have convinced Farmer not to take him.

His two first round picks from 2014 have both so far been busts. While the 2nd pick in 14, OG Joel Bitonio has been outstanding, Farmer traded up in the 3rd round to get RB Terrance West who was given away for a conditional 7th round pick next year. In the case of Manziel and West the team clearly failed to do the background work to see the off field and locker room issues that both had in college.

In the 2015 draft he took the two most obvious picks in the first round and gets no credit in my book.

For those that say he has done a good/decent job I remind you that all the draft picks in the world don’t help if you screw up the choices. He has embarrased the team and the league by texting during a game. But Farmer is not the first guy I would have canned as GM. Before he was hired I wrote that Mike Holmgren was not a talent evaluator and should not be hired.

Am I too critical? Maybe but I am old enough to have seen the Glory Years of the Browns in the 1950’s. I want those days back for my daughter, my grand-kids and for all the long suffering Browns fans all over the world. You deserve better. I believe you will not get it as long as Ray Farmer is the Browns GM.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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