I was right about Holmgren being a mistake.



In an editorial on Dec. 20, 2009 I reviewed the record of Mike Holmgren as GM of the Seahawks and ended by saying that he was not the right guy to lead the Browns back to competitiveness.  Now a respected former Brown, Reggie Rucker, said on 92.3 the Fan that Holmgren stole money from then owner Randy Learner.  Rucker said that Holmgren was “the last in and first out” of the building on the few days he made an appearance.


Let me make one thing clear.  In my opinion the fact that the team is better now than it was when Eric Mangini was running things is due to two factors.  First, it would be almost impossible to screw a team up any more than Mangenious did.  Trading the 5th overall pick to New York for a few used Jets was unforgivable.  Second, GM Tom Heckert made some good choices.  While I did not agree with the choice of Weeden, most of the rest of Heckert’s picks were fine.  Think about where the Browns would be if they had followed my advice and selected Russell Wilson as QB in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft.


Holmgren did nothing other than hiring Heckert.  Hiring an unproven and ill-equipped Pat Shurmur was just stupid.  Not only did he hire someone totally unprepared to do the job but then compounded the error by failing to give him the guidance to help him succeed.  The result was an offense that would have failed in an 8 year old league. 


Now Holmgren is gone.  I for one will add his name to the list of those against whom I will campaign if and when it comes up for Hall of Fame consideration.  The only other name on the list is Art Modell.  Neither of those two deserve to be in the Hall.




That’s what I think.  Tell me what you think.


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