Heroes of Football Mission Statement

Abner Haynes’

Heroes of Football

Mission Statement

 Abner Haynes invites you to become a Member of the Abner Haynes Heroes of Football
Organization. For over 20 years our Founder and Chairman Abner Haynes Sr. has
been on the front line fighting for fair and equitable treatment for retired NFL
football players and their families. After years of witnessing the unfavorable
outcomes of great men who built the game of professional football Mr. Haynes
could not sit on the sideline quietly any longer. Mr. Haynes established The
Heroes of Football to assist those in need as well as to bring groups together
who are natural allies. The retired players, the fans, the children,
the elderly, the military. Together along with the corporate and
non-profit communities we continue to make a positive difference in many
lives.We have adopted a Mission Statement and are committed to working with
charities and non-profit organizations in a wide variety of areas. The Heroes of
Football also take very seriously it’s role in being an advocate for those who
can’t defend themselves such as children, and the elderly. In pursuit of that
goal we hold summer camps for the kids, visit childrens hospitals as well as
assisted living facilities. The Heroes sponsor golf tournaments, fishing
tournaments. health screenings and our annual Heroes Awards Banquet. The Heroes
also have a special relationship with the military, lifting wounded soldiers
spirit’s with hospital visits. We have also participated in many “Welcome Home”
events for the troops coming home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is the beginning of a process that will invite all retired players to join our
program of helping others and helping ourselves and our families by telling our
stories on the Internet.

Our Founder and Chairman Abner Haynes Sr. believes that every former player has an
important story that needs to be told and we are the unbiased vehicle that
players can use to tell their story, their way.

These stories are important to many communities and people of different ages and
backgrounds. All of the stories are true, about football and life in America
over much of the last century. Most NFL veterans will never be voted into the
Hall of Fame because the system is not designed to praise many. The Hall of Fame
is designed to praise a chosen few selected by people who never played in the

Within Abner Haynes Heroes of Football, there is room for all who have played. All
former players deserve recognition and, now, through Abner Haynes Heroes of
Football we will tell our own stories on the Internet and beyond.

Please consider joining us and we encourage you to invite your friends.

This is reprinted with permission of Mr. Haynes.  We here at FPS support his group and its goals of brining fair retirement and medical help to the retired NFL players who built the league.


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