Has anyone seen this man?

Kevin Love

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I fully expect to see the picture of Kevin Love on milk cartons soon. He has not been on the bench watching his team struggle to a 3-0 advantage over the Hawks. We assume he has been busy rehabbing the injury.

However, his absence says a lot about the chances he will stay with the Cavs or move on. If he can not be bothered to watch the team try to win him a ring what chance is there that if he gets one he will resign with the Cavs? The answer is clearly not much of a chance we will see him in a Cavs uniform next year.

There are 3 critical questions we have to ask here. First, is there a better chance Love returns if the team wins a ring or if they don’t? I suspect that if he gets a ring he is gone next season. If the Cavs fall short, he could see the team as his best route to a ring in the near future.

Next, will the relationship between Love and LeBron James improve to the point he wants to stay or will be another incentive for him to leave? While we have not heard much recently (in part because Love has been absent) the relationship between two of the “big 3” will be a major factor in Love’s decision.

Last, what will ownership think of a GM that spent 2 #1 picks plus a 1st round pick in 2015 to “rent” Love for 1 year? While Anthony Bennett still looks like a bust, Andrew Wiggins looks like a quality player. General Manager David Griffin could well be on the hot seat. No question that Griffin did a great job getting J.R. Smith and some of the other parts of the team. But some say Griffin gave too much for C Timofey Mozgov (2 first round picks). If Love leaves, Griffin could be in serious trouble.

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