Great Sports Commercials For Inspiration And Motivation

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Advertisements and Commercials have been used for decades to inspire people; the best ones put a lump in our throat or bring a tear to our eye, but they all have one goal – to sell the advertised product. Some companies take a little bit more time and spend a little bit more money than others to achieve something that is great and sports companies have a knack at getting it right. Here we take a look at a few of the most inspirational sports commercials.

Adidas – ‘miCoach Says’

This commercial is the perfect mix of motivation and product placement. Predominantly for the UK and featuring a whole host of UK athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Jonny Wilkinson, Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton, the music and film combine so well I get itchy feet watching it.

Nike – Lance Armstrong ‘What Are You On?’

There’s no denying that Lance Armstrong’s story is incredible and inspiring, the guy has had to put up with a lot of accusation regarding doping over the years, but there is no denying his ability and athletic capacity. Here he addresses his critics head on in this Nike commercial.

Adidas – Impossible Is Nothing ‘Long Run’

Adidas are a fan of combining old footage with new footage and in this commercial they do just that by having some of their greatest sports men and women run with a young Muhammad Ali. For me the most important person in this video is Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest distance runner the world has ever seen


Nike – Michael Jordan ‘Failure’

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and has to be one of the most successful athletes in history. He’s also one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation. In this commercial he sums up his sporting failures in 30 seconds. To win you first have to learn how to fail, something Michael Jordan knows all about.

Nike – ‘A Little Less Hurt’

This commercial for me is one of the greatest ever made. It covers a wide range of athletes either at low point, struggling or having to work really hard to be the best in their field. The accompanying Johnny Cash track sets it off nicely.

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