Goodell: Some men are a little more Equal than others.

An owner of an NFL team died and went to heaven. There was a long line to get through the Pearly Gates. He went to Saint Peter and complained.

“I am a very important person. I can’t be waiting here in line to get in.”

“I am sorry sir, but you have to understand that here in Heaven, everyone is equal.”

When the owner got in it was time for lunch. Again there was a long line. Just as the he was ready to get his tray some guy in a suit with an NFL pin on his lapel jumped in front of him grabbed a tray and got his lunch. The owner was furious and complained to St. Peter.

“Well you have to forgive him. That is God and he thinks he is the NFL Commissioner.”

When a player or an owner for that matter makes a huge mistake, Commissioner Roger Goodell is more than ready to hand out suspensions and fines. What we saw on Friday was an admission that Goodell blew the suspension of Ray Rice and blew it badly.

That is not the biggest issue with which the NFL and the fans have to deal. It is claimed by ESPN Outside the Lines that even though the Raven management knew what had taken place, they virtually begged Goodell to go easy on Rice. The original two game suspension was the result.

Only now that the excrement has hit the fan, do we see everyone doing the butt cover dance. During his Q&A Friday, Goodell threw his security unit, the secretarial pool, and his legal team under the bus in an attempt to save his own job. There are many questions that need to be asked and answered. I am certain that former FBI director Robert S. Mueller will get to the bottom of who knew what and when they knew it.

Here are a few of my fearless predictions:

  1. Mueller will find that Goodell knew exactly what happened in the elevator whether or not he saw the video PRIOR to the 2 game announcement. That will be the end of the Goodell rule. The NFL owners can not stand the storm of advertisers that will want to bolt if that is the case.

  2. Mueller will also find that the top management of the Ravens knew exactly what happened. That will result in a compete house cleaning of the top management of the team. The new NFL Commish will fine and suspend the Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

  3. The Commissioner will never again have the power to judge the appeals of suspensions. That is too much power for any single person.

  4. Ray Rice will be suspended for whatever time the new committee decides a first violation of domestic abuse should be but then will not get a new job in the NFL. If he causes the Commish and management of his former team to be fired, he will be seen by NFL owners and staff as radio active.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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