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Goodell Pressed

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Neither the NFL or NFLPA have a leg on which to stand in the argument over the Commissioner’s powers in personal conduct issues.

The NFL has been totally inconsistent in deciding penalties for players. I detailed the randomness of the penalties in my editorial Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune!” (https://fryingpansports.com/roger-goodells-nfl-wheel-misfortune/).

One would assume that the power given to one man would result in consistent decisions. The fact is Roger Godell’s decisions appear to have been the result of throwing darts at a dart board filled with suspensions of various lengths.

Then there is the ridiculous claim by Goodell that he never saw the video of what Ray Rice did in the elevator. Local law enforcement said they sent the tape to the NFL. But it seems that there were two people with the same name and the tape went to the janitor rather than the head of security.

But the NFLPA is not without sin either. During negotiations for the most recent CBA, the union had the commissioner’s power over personal conduct on the table. The union chose to go for more money for active players than a a change in the Goodell’s powers. They got the money and now want to reduce the power of Goodell as well.

So pox on both their houses. No one in this melodrama has clean hands. Not the NFL, the union or any of those accused of domestic violence. And as usual the only ones that will make money from this mess are the lawyers. I considered becoming a lawyer so I could sue other lawyers for malpractice.

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