Game time live notes on Browns V Packers


 Browns V Packers

Hardesty fumble on 1st snap

Haden let Nelson wide open twice on man coverage

Thomas great return to the 29

Nice pattern by Gordon

Hardesty Good hitting the hole

Good call on 2nd long but called back Hold Thomas

Bad throw away by Weeden.  The Browns can’t run a screen.

Cribbs nice catch vs press coverage.

Cousins holding on the FG 53 yard no problem for Dawson.  He was last year Off. MVP.


No contain at all against the run.

Blitz didn’t even get close to the QB.  That continues to be a problem for the D.

Slant cuts us up.

CB Brown CAN’T TACKLE players but tackles the ball nicely

Great return by DE Stevens.

Gordon dropped the ball on 1ST DOWN

Pack figured out the Run defense and stuffed the run.

FORGET SCREEN PLAYS!  Pinkston lost control of DT that allowed pressure.

FG 6-7


No contain again.  GOT to get that solved

Not keeping  lanes on pass rush.  QB running out the back door for big gains.

Wade good cover on 4th down

Schwartz lost his guy again.  I wonder if he has the feet to play OT at this level.

Hardesty did a great job picking up the blitz on the pass to Little

TD Hardesty up the gut 13-7

Harrell on at QB 2ND Q

Haden breaks up the slant

Robertson got out on the swing pass nicely


Pinkston missed the trap block and that blew up the play.

Throwing ball very short of the LTG.  That may work with TRich but won’t with these guys.

Robertson great job but not under control on the pass rush.

Robertson got a pick 6 but it was called back due to a bone head penalty.

Blitz doesn’t get there again

Winn getting doubled every snap

The only time we got close with the blitz it was Robertson

Finally get some pressure by Sanford.


Dockery penalty on punt return.  He is on the bubble to make the 53.

Cribbs looks very slow.  Injuries and hits have taken a big toll.

Maresci not a pass catcher, not a blocker or a runner.  Why is he still on the team.  This guy is a bust and should be cut.

Jackson looks slow.

Norwood with a catch vs press coverage.    He gets open which is something the other WRs struggle to do.

Weeden under blitz but complete the ball.

Smith stumbling around like a drunk.

Ogbonnaya has good vision but not great speed.   Pinkston had a nice trap block.

Gordon fell down on a come-back.   Bad pattern that almost caused a pick 6.

Little dropped the pass but it was too short anyway.

Good coverage by Wade and everyone


2 check downs in a row 2 min drill

Got to change patterns vs the Zone.  Crossing patterns work best

A couple of poor calls vs zone by Shurmur.  Against the zone you should run crossing patterns.

TO by the Browns.   WHY?

FG 16-7

-1:19  cl 45

Hughes nice read.

Winn with the tackle on QB

Pick on the FINAL play.   JMJ has nice ball skills.

5 for 10 3rd down cover

Lots more yards had TRich been there rather than Jackson & Hardesty.


Lack of contain on pass rush costs CL 1st down by run of Harrell

54 MB Jacobs contain rush Sims picks and scores. 23-7


Two first down runs by Harrell wide of the rush.  No contain again.

Wade nice coverage prevents a catch for a 3rd first down

-20 Colt McCoy

Gordon runs the slant skinny post much better than the come back.

Jackson looks slow to the hole

Smelley gets the 4th down pass for a 1st

Colt can’t throw on the run due to lack of arm strength

Colt needs to set his feet before he throws.

Crossing route YEA Good call vs zone

2nd O line not opening holes

Colt much better rolling right.  Again lack of arm to roll left and throw

But again most of these guys will be bagging at Piggly Wiggly next month.

Jackson REALLY wanted to do well today because he played for GB

Not much from the 2nd string of the 32nd D in the NFL

They gave up the highest 3rd down % in the history of the NFL last year

The Browns 2nd D line is better at contain that the top D does.

Safety English Cammeron 30-7

-Wallace at QB 41 yl

Penalty for Holding Smelley 31

Badly blocked run outside with Jackson short pass and punt


Browns have held GB to 72 yard s rushing.  But they cannot run a lick

Browns confused in coverage.  Bad play

We will have trouble containing Vick next week.  Remember last year?  It was UGLY

And they will play their 1s for a half against our 2s

Great Q.  It is some of both.  We don’t have the pass rush DE to get to the QB but the D is conservative too.

Pack drove to the 32 32-10 8:52 left.

Browns ran the clock down with a solid running game against 3rd and 4th sting guys


Final thoughts

The Packers were playing 2nd and 3rd guys on D for the most part that were part of the 32nd ranked D in the league last year.  While the O looked better, it is not nearly ready for prime time.

The O line is shaky particularly on the right side.  RG Lauvao has not progressed despite being a 3rd year guy this season.   I wonder if RT Schwartz has the feet to play at this level.  Who plays QB will not make a difference if the line can’t protect him.

There is little doubt that the O would have been better had Richardson been the RB.  But it would not be that much better.  This is a lack of blocking on the run as well as the pass.  There is no quality depth on the O line.

The D looks decent.   There still is an issue on containing the run around both ends.  The pass rush is anemic at best.  We needed a DE that could rush the QB.   Parker is a “has been” and Rucker is a “never was.”  We will see if either of our only UFAs can contribute.

The young D linebackers show speed that the starters never had.  We will see how many snaps they get in the regular season.  The D backfield is OK but Brown is way past his expiration date and is too slow to get as much action as he will see opposite Haden.

Shurmur is dead man walking.  He is as good as gone if the team doesn’t win at least 7 games.  That is not going to happen with this roster.

The one silver lining for the Browns is the new ownership.  Jimmy Hasslam will turn this franchise around.  Not this year and probably not in 2013 either.  But I am convinced it will happen and sooner rather than later.


Bill Smith


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