FPS Top 5 players in the 2014 NFL Draft

NFL Draft

1. DE Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina 6’5″ 266

Clowney is a superb athlete that fits best in a 4-3 defense. While he has the ability to drop into coverage from a linebacker position but in my opinion that is a waste of his talent. While the Texans could draft him they would be better off taking a real linebacker. Some have an issue with his effort level but a good coach should be able to get him motivated.


2. OLB Khalil Mack Buffalo 6’3″ 251

Mack is the real deal. He is an outstanding pass rusher with the ability to play any backer position. He has the speed to drop into coverage and the speed and hands to take a pick to the endzone like he did against Ohio State. No motor issue here. Mack is full speed on every play.


3. OLT Jake Matthews Texas A&M 6’5″ 308

Most lists have Matthews further down the line. But the combination of experience, ability to play multiple positions and a nasty streak that is part of his DNA makes him #1 OT on this list. He is equally able to run or pass block and doesn’t stop until the whistle blows.


4. OLT Greg Robinson Auburn 6’5″ 332

Robinson is more athletic than Matthews but is green. He should have stayed in school for at least another year. Any QB protected by Robinson will get sacked often early in the season. He would be much more effective to learn the NFL game at RT for a year or two before switching to LT. He has a higher upside than Matthews but will have a potentially painful learning curve.


5. WR Mike Evans Texas A&M 6’5″ 231

Everyone else has Sammy Watkins as the top WR but I see him as a big risk. The Jags lost a WR that had a drug issue coming into the draft. While Watkins has more athleticism than Evans, the risk is much bigger. Evans wins the 50/50 balls and is a monster in the endzone. He has good speed and great strength.


That is what I think. Tell us what you think.


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