Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

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Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Having a good quarterback is a key to success in fantasy football. Every year, the league is based more around passing than running. A lot of teams will throw to their running backs almost as much as they hand them the ball. When you are drafting, you should consider the following three QBs to be at the top of the list.

Most fantasy football players draft quarterbacks early, but not as early as they draft their running backs and wide receivers. That’s in spite of the fact that fantasy football quarterbacks will consistently score more points for a team than a running back or a wide receiver. The difference is that you can only start a single quarterback, but you can almost always start two running backs and two wide receivers.

That being said, quarterbacks are important, and here are some tips and suggestions about some quarterbacks to keep an eye on in 2011.

1. Tom Brady

Last year, he got the ball to Danny Woodhead, a Division Three, undrafted rookie, and two rookie tight ends. He got no help from Randy Moss and had to throw to Deion Branch, who is well out of his prime. He still threw for a nine to one touchdown to interception ratio. With Ochocinco in the lineup this year, he will be unstoppable.

2. Aaron Rodgers

All he did was win the Super Bowl, and he will have more talent this year with the return of both Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley.

3. Philip Rivers

Rivers just puts up numbers. Even when the Chargers lose, he throws for two hundred and fifty yards. With Vincent Jackson returning, he will have a huge year.

4. Tony Romo

People like to make fun of Tony Romo, and maybe he deserves some of this derision. But with starters like these, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten, he’s going to put numbers on the board this year for sure.

5. Matt Schaub

Schaub would be higher on this list, but the running game on his team is going to reduce the number of passes that he’s going to throw. That’s going to affect his fantasy football performance. He’s still a good pick, but he’s not as good as some of the other quarterbacks on this list.

6. Matt Ryan

He’s been playing long enough to consider him a veteran. He could be a great value pick in your league this year, because he usually goes late. So keep your eye on him.

7. Matthew Stafford

If he can avoid getting injured, he should be able to put numbers on the scoreboard for you.

There are a few QBs not mentioned that could contend for these spots, including Peyton Manning.

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