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Some horrible and obnoxious things were found when the health department’s inspection reports were reviewed by ESPN. These reports were of arenas and stadiums in North America where some major sporting events were held. As per these reports, around 30% of all the venues which were host to leagues in 2009 had more than 50% of their food and beverage vendors receiving certification that they had violated the standards that were set for handling food (though the drink holders seemed somewhat sanitary). All the violations as reported were critical and very major. The violations mainly were storing the food and then serving at an inadequate temperature which will stimulate the growth of pathogens. The food was served at improper temperature as there were no proper equipments, the staff members did not follow hygienic practices as they did not wash hands after using restrooms and touching their faces, the cooking place was infested with insects and rodents which could easily contaminate the food and usage of same equipment for doing different things.

The report of the department brought to the notice major violations of standards and most of these can prove to be extremely dangerous. Though the reviews and the findings of the reports were unnerving and nauseating no instance of an outbreak of illnesses was reported from any area after a game was held. ESPN though did find some cases where there were illnesses caused to some people because of the food that they ate in the stadium. There are few instances and thus to trace the exact cause is not very easy for anyone. Though nothing major can be proved with limited information available but it is always better to be careful and consider the findings of the reports. The report has clearly stated the major violations of the standards that are taking place and as it is difficult to find the exact food or drink source of any illness one needs to be more careful as it is always better to be safe than be sorry. Make good use of a travel cup holder to make sure your remains sanitary. As the illness usually affects a few days after the food has been consumed tracing the exact source and cause becomes very difficult.

One should also analyze the statistics which show that when one compares the M&T Bank Stadium compared to the FedEx the former is safer as it has 4% vendors who have received citations whereas the latter has 36%. All the vendors of the Verizon center received the citations thus it is advisable to avoid eating at these places.

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  1. I like watching football because they are very interesting…It really should be reviewed so that the violations will not be encountered by the players again…

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