E.J. Liddell Receives Threats after Ohio State Loss

When Ohio State entered the 2021 NCAA tournament, many thought they had a chance to go all the way. This team had a successful regular season, sometimes looking like one of the country’s best teams. Although they had a fair share of losses in the regular season, they competed in what was considered the toughest conference all season long.

Just a few days after selection Sunday, Ohio State found their season over as they lost to Oral Roberts in overtime. Many believed that they had a pretty favorable draw, but they could never get going against the 15th seed. They were lucky to get to overtime in the first place, but losing in a tough one was particularly devastating.

EJ Liddell Receives Threats
E.J. Liddell Receives Threats

After the loss, there was a lot of backlash. In particular, Ohio State’s EJ Liddell came out and discussed some of the threats and hateful messages he received after the loss. Despite having a great season and playing fairly well in the game, he took a lot of the negativity due to how things ended up.

Passionate fans crossing the line with E.J. Liddell Threats

This is not the first time that passionate fans for a particular team have crossed the line. In fact, this is something that usually happens with Ohio State football players, not basketball players. However, high expectations at Ohio State boiled over into frustration, and the target for the frustration was none other than Liddell since he was one of the stars.

Many people are concerned about that at the end of the day, these are still amateur athletes who are not getting paid by the university. Even though they are on scholarship, Ohio State makes a lot of money off these players, but they don’t receive that compensation directly. Liddell was surprised by the threats he received, mostly online, and spoke out because he wants to see that come to an end.

Frustration all around

Liddell is quick to point out that there is no excuse about losing so early in the NCAA tournament. He had expectations for his team himself, and he was hoping that they could put together a serious run to go all the way. He is just adamant that there are better ways to go about it than threatening players online in a passive way. Even though most players don’t take these threats too seriously, it shows just how serious things can get when the game gets a bit out of hand.

Making a change for the future

He hopes that people understand that players have feelings too when it comes to tough losses. The E.J. Liddell threats just hit a little too close to home. Nobody wants to lose, especially as a heavy favorite in the NCAA tournament. Instead of threatening players for their play, there are better ways to go about it. Ultimately, handling it the right way matters.

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