Dissecting the 2014 NFL Draft – Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Draft (2)

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The Bengals have made the playoffs the last couple of years but have yet to win a playoff game. The biggest issue in those games has been the lack of accuracy and decision-making by QB Andy Dalton.

1/24 Darqueze Dennard CB – Dennard is a do it all CB without top speed but will fit well in the Bengals D scheme. He was a value at 24.

2/55 Jeremy Hill RB – Hill is a very skilled RB with enough off field baggage to require a 747 to transport it to Cincy. The old joke about the Bagels was they had to go no huddle because too many of the players were not allowed to be within 10 feet of another felon.

3/88 Will Clarke DE – Clarke was one of my under the radar guys. He is very productive and will do well in the Cincy D scheme. While others are calling this a reach, I think he is a solid value here.

4/11 Russell Bodine C/G – Bodine surprised scouts by coming out and should have stayed in school another year. He was a reach by a round that the Bagels traded up to get.

5/164 A.J. McCarron QB – The Bagels drafted another weak armed QB. A.J. Survived in the south with anticipation making up for the lack of a big arm. That will not work in the winds of December in the AFC North.

6/212 Marquis Flowers OLB – He is fast and is fairly productive but lacks the instincts to make him special. His best chance to make the squad is to be a special teams star.

7/239 James Wright WR – Wright never became a starter at LSU despite his 6-3 size. He was totally off the radar of most scouts and is a long shot to make the team.

7/252 Lavelle Westbrooks CB – A small school guy that is a big hitter against the run and the pass. At 5-11 he has decent size and was picked where he was expected to go.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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