Did the Eagles show the NFL how to beat the Patriots?

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According to the “experts” the Eagles used a well proven system to beat the Patriots. It was the same game plan that the Giants used to beat New England in 2 Super Bowls. The Eagle D put pressure on Patriots QB Tom Brady. At the same time the defensive backs were staying close to the Pat receivers. That forced Brady to hold the ball just a little longer and contributed to 4 sacks.

That is all very nice BUT it had very little to do with the win. It really helped the Eagles that Brady lost all of his veteran receivers. The newbies were wearing “Hello, my name is” tags on their uniforms.

But that was not the key factor as well.

The newbies could not get any separation from the Eagle DBS. It was not so much that the backs did such a good job covering but it was that the WRS were not good enough to get open. But that was not the key either.

The O line was populated by guys that needed to introduce themselves to Brady in the first huddle. Of course a veteran D line was able to get pressure on Brady because the O line was trying to figure out who to block. But even that is not the key to the Eagle win.

What happened was that the Eagles got 3 non-offensive touchdowns which led them to the win. That is all any team has to do to beat the Patriots. Good luck to the teams that face Brady and the Patriots. It is going to be hard to beat them.

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