Derek Carr is Weeden-lite!

NFL DraftThe Browns have made some good moves bringing in strong safety Donte Whitner and inside linebacker Karlos Dansby. Whitner is much better in coverage than T.J. Ward was. Dansby makes plays in the backfield rather than 5 yards down field like D’Qwell Jackson did. The problem is that while the signings filled holes, they were holes that the Browns had created.

Now there is a lot of talk about the Browns getting a WR with the 4th overall pick and waiting until the 26th pick to get a QB. I hope that QB is not Derek Carr of Fresno State. Carr is Weeden-lite.


Carr played in a conference that have no idea what defense is all about. When he finally got a chance to prove himself against a team with multiple defensive NFL prospects, he had a complete meltdown.


He has very little experience dealing with a crushing pass rush. He panics at the first flash of opponent color and stops looking down field to make a play. He has very little pocket presence or feel and can not deal with tacklers around his feet. I call him Weeden-lite because Carr lacks Brandon Weeden’s arm strength. Carr does have all of Weeden’s faults however.


The bottom line is this. A coach can fix a QB’s footwork or a loop in his delivery. Film study can help a QB make better decisions. However, a coach can not fix a QB that wets himself every time he gets rushed. Carr might survive behind a top O line but the Browns do not have one. In my opinion the choice of Carr would be disastrous for the Browns.



That is what I think. Tell us what you think.


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