Custom Airsoft Ghillie Suit

Airsoft Ghillie Suit

Every good airsoft sniper should own an airsoft ghillie suit. Blending in with the terrain is a huge advantage over you opponent. The ghillie suit is usually made with nylon material that are imitation of items you find in that environment. For instance, a woodland terrain airsoft ghillie suit would probably consist of forest green leaves, brown twigs and maybe some black and gray spots to imitate shadows. You probably had gone to your local airsoft store or outdoor store and found that there is a limited amount of ghillie suits for sale. Here’s a few good reasons why its better to create your own custom airsoft ghille suit.

When you create your own ghillie suit you are allowed to like your imagination run and you can put a suit together specifically for the terrain that you most often play in. You know where all your best sniping spots are at on the battlefield and by building a custom ghillie suit you can make it so real that even your self would not notice you where there. The only down side about creating or building your own airsoft ghillie suit is that you’ll have to cough up a lot of money when compared to just buying a regular everyday ghillie suit from your airsoft store.

To build a custom suit is pretty simple, it’s finding all the parts that you need the hard part. I found that your lock hunting store and even Wal-mart carries items that you can put together for you airsoft ghillie suit. The important aspect is knowing what you need to blend in to your area. The best part about the custom ghillie suit is that you can add things along the way or take items off the suit according to what you like. Once you have gotten all the item you need, you’ll be sniping enemies with your airsoft sniper rifle under cover by your ghillie suit and these guys would have no idea where they are getting shot from!

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