Creating Your Own Basketball Logo

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Basketball Logos

Are you a basketball fan? Do you spend hours picking players for your fantasy team? If you love the sport of basketball either because making those plays makes you feel just as dominant and powerful as Michael Jordan or watching your favorite team gives you a natural high, wouldn’t it be awesome to come up with your own basketball logo? Or maybe you’re coaching your own team and are in need of a team basketball logo? Here are some ideas on how to create your own unique basketball logo.

When creating your own basketball logo, you must first come up with a team name. Once you have a name, it would be a good idea to come up with a mascot or symbol to represent your team. Most popular and successful teams often choose an animal to represent them. Do you want a growling tiger or an eagle? Or do you want something like a ram just like the UNC basketball logo? Or maybe a wolf or huskie like the UCONN basketball logo? Whatever you choose, select one that best represents the spirit of your team and don’t forget to tweak your logos. You don’t want to infringe on other teams’ copyrights and trademarks.

Color is also an important factor to come up with a striking design. Choose colors that will easily catch the eye. Most college basketball teams or any sports team for that matter seem to prefer the color blue just like the Villanova basketball logo who switched their symbol from a red V to a blue V. Even the UCLA basketball logo has the letters UCLA scripted in blue, but with the word Bruins lettered in yellow. Blue and yellow show a nice contrast and immediately draws attention.

If you have sponsors, then it would be a good idea to work with their colors, after all they are supporting your team. Choose your color combinations wisely. Remember you will be using these on your jerseys, paraphernalia and many other marketing stuff.

You can also look to many free logo designs available online for more ideas for your basketball logo. Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that your logo is not just a design, but a symbol of team unity and pride.

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