Compensatory picks are fools gold.


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The Browns have avoided signing true free agents despite having as much money available as any team. They have passed on some guys that could have really helped the team. They seem to be focused on getting compensatory picks but those are fools gold aka Pyrite.

The problem with compensatory picks it that the highest pick will be after the 3rd round and the Browns did not lose a player that will garner that high a pick. The Browns will have 4 extra picks most of which will be after round 6 or 7. While there is some value in those rounds, I doubt that a team that blew two first round picks can find potential starters or key backups that late in the 2016 draft.

When the team is desperate for help at some critical positions, they have to try to sign the best guys they can find and not be limited to just those guys that were released.

I am pleased with the signing of WR Dwayne Bowe and TE Rod Housler. But both of them signed 1 year deals. Given the quality of QBS on the roster, there is a good chance that both of them will move on next season. Both had down years in 2014. If they have any success given the issues at QB, both will have multiple options next season.

So bring on the draft and the compensatory picks next year. Let’s just hope they choose more wisely than they did in the first round last season.

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