Claud Butler Bikes: Pedalling Forward

Claud Butler Criterium 2011
Claud Butler Criterium 2011 (Photo credit: Jack999)

Bicycles are a great way to improve one’s health while being environmentally friendly. While the increasing prices in petrol, more people are looking to the sound investment of this type of transportation. Since 1928, Claud Butler has been a name that carried great integrity for sound engineering of bike frames. Falcon Cycles has been producing many different bicycles for both men and women that carry the Claud Butler name since 1988.

Whether the individual is looking for a recreational bicycle or one to be used for commuting, these bicycles still have the same innovational and structurally sound frames that first endeared them to costumers in the first place. Falcon Cycles is based in Brigg in North Lincolnshire, where it maintains its reputation as being one the foremost British companies in the bicycle industry. The bicycles produced are some of the most cost effective investments that will last for years to come. The different styles range from light-weight frames, mountain bikes, city frames, to trekking frames for the Claud Butler line.

There are many benefits that one can expect when utilizing a bike. It is an enjoyable way to add exercise to a person’s routine that is easy to adjust based on his or her schedule. Bicycles are much easier to find storage and parking for than a car, there is no need to worry about the cost of petrol, and it offers a much quicker way to commute than walking.

Currently, the timing of purchasing one of these bicycles could not be better. With Claud Butler bikes sale going on, people have the chance to experience these wonderful products at an even better value. This makes now a wonderful time to invest in something that is not only good for one’s health, but also is an excellent way to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

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