Cincinnati to grow as Polo Capital

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Cincinnati will soon grow to be the capital city for playing polo as per the initiative taken by Mark Sedacca. In July, Mark Sedacca who was being elected as the governor of the U.S. Polo Association’s Mid-States Circuit said that he wants Cincinnati to become a central place for conducting polo games such that players after playing in their own respective regional areas can come here to compete as finalists. Two polo fields, one in Warren County and one other in Clermont County have been chosen to conduct tournament games of polo throughout the summer. Yet another appeal of these counties to potential buyers looking into Mason OH homes for sale.

In summer, along with the tournament games, Miami Meadows Park is going to conduct championship polo games. Miami township trustees can allow playing regular tournament games here in the park from next summer once the first ever played polo game takes place. Cincinnati home buyers can add the attraction of polo games to the arsenal of entertainment this area of Ohio has to offer. Four players in every team with about 8 horses in each game score more than 6 to a maximum of 12 goals. One of the trustees of the park, Ken Tracy has expressed his gratitude to become a host to an event like polo game.

Sedacca is a professional polo player himself. He has played in many parts of the world which includes countries like India and South Africa as well as many U.S. states. The 52 years old, says he can no longer play the game of polo and that polo is a game for youngsters only. He now wants to attract the attention of all youngsters towards this sport in hopes that future generations will enjoy and continue the traditions of the classic game. Sedacca was 14 when he first started playing polo. His family owns a 150 acre horse farm in Union township and it is there that polo became he and his brother’s favorite sport.

Sedacca has managed race horses too along with being a professional player. He played with the Cincinnati polo club until about the 1970’s and started his own team with his brothers though he was often hired by individuals to play was a part of their team. With managing race horses, he was involved in breeding, buying, putting the horses on race tracks and also boarding horses for others.

According to Sedacca, polo is not only a game for people with money to hit the ball but it requires a great deal of physical strength which youngsters can only possess. Polo is a very expensive game. Horses in this game are rated at $7,500 to $50,000 and the mallets are about $120 for each one.

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