Changes to Baseball Equipment

Changes to Baseball Equipment

Baseball game basics have remained the same throughout the years, but there have been a number of changes to baseball equipment that users should be aware of before making any purchases. For example chest protectors, face masks, and gloves used to be optional for baseball games, but now they are required for any professional match. A shin guard should also be worn to protect the catcher’s leg from high speed balls.

The mouth guard is another addition to league baseball, and was originally invented by the creator of the Red Sox team. This mouth device was very similar to those that were worn by football players and boxers, with its purpose to protect the player’s teeth in case the ball hit them in the face.

The face mask is has been around for a long time in baseball, first used in 1876. However, it has undergone many design changes to make it lighter and easier to play with. The mask protection is called a rat trap, and it provides good protection and an excellent view of the surroundings.

Gloves started to be used during the 1870’s, but their designs were very different from the ones that you find today. Early gloves were padded with leather and had cutout fingers, so they only covered the palm of the hand. Spalding, the sports equipment leading brand, immediately began to create all different types and style of baseball gloves so it soon became an essential piece of baseball equipment. Over time the designs changed to make them more efficient and easier to use while playing. Fingerless gloves are no longer used and the newer gloves are lighter and easier to carry around. Their design allows players to easily catch the ball with their glove, leaving the other hand free to throw it in the right direction.

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