Preventing Injury While Playing Hockey


Preventing Injury While Playing Hockey

Some people might recall the glory days of professional hockey when players did not wear helmets. Back then, goalies wore little more than a thin face shield, if anything at all. This is why there were so many broken noses as well as broken teeth, and severe injuries. Today the addition of new equipment has helped to reduce many of these injuries. For example, the “Tuuk blade” which offers a plastic holder. This has reduced many injuries due to the blade breakage. All of the companies that manufacture hockey equipment today are constantly looking for better ways to increase safety.

The manufacturers of hockey equipment have helped to improve the safety issues players face. The helmets and face masks, which are now mandatory, have probably made the most impact. These two pieces of equipment have tremendously reduced the injuries above the shoulder. The face mask has nearly eliminated blinding eye injuries. Many injuries to the face and eyes have also been reduced significantly. The helmet has reduced many soft tissue damages to the covered areas of the head. There is no doubt that there is better protection needed for the neck in order to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Buying Goalie Masks and Ice Hockey Sticks

Buying Goalie Masks

When out on the ice rink or the roller hockey court, buying ice hockey sticks may be the most important consideration that will affect your game. Some athletes will agree that there is nothing like the feel of a wooden hockey stick, and in order to get it top shelf in the net it is a necessity. Especially for budget minded players, however, it is important to consider the benefits of buying a composite stick. Composite sticks are lighter, more durable, and above all they last three to four times longer than their wooden counterparts.

It is important to consult someone knowledgeable when purchasing a hockey stick. Different professional players who are sponsored by companies like Easton, CCM, and Nike Bauer have different blade patterns depending on their position as play maker, sniper, or power forward. Whether you choose wooden or composite, keep in mind that your hockey stick should come up to your chin while standing up in your skates, and should feel comfortable within your hands.

If you are the most popular guy at the recreational rink, also known as the net minder, then it is important to sort through a number of goalie masks to find one … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Growing Popularity of Hockey Sports Jerseys

Hockey Jersey

Hockey Sports Jerseys

There is no greater feeling than attending the game of your favorite sports team and supporting them by wearing sports jerseys that support them. No longer are sports apparel jerseys popular with just the NBA and the NFL, today sports jerseys hockey are just as popular and fashionable as any other sport. Wearing NHL jerseys is looked at as the mainstream method for supporting your favorite team.

Sports jerseys hockey give you the opportunity to display your loyalty to your particular team while at the same time allowing you to showcase an eye-catching and fashionable clothing item. They can be purchased in many different styles along with supporting accessories to fit just about anyone’s particular taste. Many people simply like the feel and look of this popular sports attire and wear them as casual clothing.

NHL jerseys are available in many sizes including long and tall as well as in fashionable cuts that have become very popular with women. The latest trends in team sports apparel are special jerseys designed to highlight a team or person. These jerseys are usually worn in memory or commemoration of player achievements and accomplishments. In addition to the special jerseys there

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Comments on the NBA and NHL finals.



Game 1 will tip off Thursday. That gives the “old” Celtics time to recover from injuries to PG Rajon Rondo and C Kendrick Perkins. The schedule of the Finals will allow more rest than the Celtics to play at a very high level of energy.

One thing that came out of the last game against game against the Magic was the outstanding performance by the diminutive PG Nate Robinson. Robinson had not played much in the post season but came off the bench to replace Rondo and scored 13 point, got 2 rebounds and a steal.

The Lakers have some injury issues of their own. C Andrew Bynum had fluid removed from his right knee which has given him trouble for most of his career.

The format of the finals gives the team with home court advantage an additional benefit. With the 2-3-2 format, the team without HC advantage usually struggles to win all 3 games on their court.

Keys to the series:

  1. The biggest key is who is going to stop Rondo from controlling the Celtic O. When he has been distributing the ball and driving to the hoop, the team has been unbeatable. He has averaged nearly
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Sports Buffet for 5/25/10


Note: I will have a B I G announcement about getting back on the Internet radio very soon. We will also have Niblets this Saturday.


The NFL took a huge loss in the Supreme Court Monday. The Court in effect said that the league is not a single entity in regards to licensing producers of apparel but 32 separate businesses. For the details about what this means, check out my NFL News, Notes and Rumors on

Vikings QB Bret Favre had the surgery on his ankle that he had said would be required to play in 2010. Expect him to be back this season the day AFTER the team breaks camp. At 40 timing is everything.


Most analysts are saying that the Magic just have not shown much effort in their series with the Celtics. They said the same thing about the Cavs. Could it be that the Celtics are just so good that they make their opposition look inept? Yes. The combination of very good coaching, experienced veterans that know how to play the game and the fact that for the first time all year the team is healthy have all contributed to the Celtics success … Read more at FryingPanSports

6 (Not So Simple) Steps for Purchasing a Professional Sports Team

Franchise For Sale

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their very own professional sports team? Well it can be done and it would be easy to restrict this list to just one simple requirement, namely, the first item on this list. But there’s more to it than that. Here are six (not so simple) steps for purchasing a professional sports team.

  1. Get Rich Quick

Piece of cake, right? Okay, maybe not. But being rich is the first step along the way. They don’t give these franchises away. And some of them are worth billions! So you had better start with very deep pockets.

  1. Know the Sport

An in-depth knowledge of the sport is a big help. You need to know if the sport is thriving in the city where your team is located. In the case of football and baseball, this can be a given. But with basketball and hockey, things are a little more hit and miss. Struggling teams can be had cheap but you better be sure you’ve got the know-how to turn them around or you’ll keep losing money.

  1. Love the Hate

Fans of your team will hate you. The honeymoon will be over quick so you had better have … Read more at FryingPanSports