Dodgers/Giants: The West Coast’s Answer to Red Sox/Yankees

The rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants can stand up against any rivalry in sports. It has been a fairly balanced war, with each team enjoying much success over the years. The Yanks/Sox rivalry has its charm, but nothing can compare with the evenly balanced and highly compelling rivalry that the Dodgers and Giants offer. Here are a few moments in time that have helped shape this historic battle.

  • The first unofficial contest between these two teams was at the New York Polo Grounds on October 18, 1889. It was essentially a “World Series” pitting the AA (American Association) Champion Brooklyn against the NL Champion New York. The games were considered to be merely exhibitions, but the series was won by New York, six games to three.
  • The first official game takes place that following year after Brooklyn joins the NL and defeats New York 7-3.
  • The first dispute was seen in 1890 as Darby O’Brien, third-base coach for Brooklyn, pretends to be a base runner to draw a throw to third base.
  • The first media spat is born between Dodgers (known as the Robins then) Manager Wilbert Robinson and Giants Manager John McGraw. Robinson
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A wee bit of a hope for the Indians…

Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio
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By Eli Kovach, a guest writer for

‘Twas the night before P & C’s reporting day, when all through the Northcoast,
Indian fans were still stirring from the Choo extension to boast
Chief Wahoo Headresses were hung in fourth place just last year,
Now the hope is the ChiSox, Twins & Tigers have a view from the rear

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The BCS and NFL Playoffs are becoming clear.

Wilson Football

In college games I went 8-1 bringing the season total to 31-15.

In pro games against the spread I went 1-4 bringing the total to 20-12.

College football:

#1 Oregon 15 California 13 – The Ducks ducked a close call to continue on the road to the BcS game. They survived to play #22 Arizona at home this week and at Oregon State next.

#2 Auburn 49 Georgia 31 – Tiger QB Newton played very well accounting for 4 scores. The Auburn D is a problem particularly in a possible game against a O like Oregon’s. Auburn will play #11 Alabama next week and #17 South Carolina in the SEC Championship game.

#3 TCU 40 San Diego St. 35 – TCU lost some ground against Boise with a close game against a good SDS team. They have no chance to recover that ground with only the 1 win New Mexico State team left on the schedule.

#4 Boise St. 52 Idaho 14 – Boise is in the best shape to sneak into the Big game if one of the top 2 fall. They have 6-3 Fresno State, #18 Nevada, and 4-6 Utah State.

#5 LSU 51 La. Monroe 0 – Read more at FryingPanSports

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