Maybe Boston College should build a Berlin type wall around his coach!

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Maybe Boston College should build a Berlin type wall around its coach!

By Bill Smitht

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Boston College athletic director Gene DeFillippo announced the firing of football head coach Jeff Jagodzinski for interviewing with the New York Jets for the head coaching position. But as is the case so often, there is a lot more to the story.

Jagodzinski is an NFL guy. He coached in the NFL as TE and O-line coach from 1999 through 2006. He has a reputation for developing players to get the best out of them. Under his guidance, Atlanta led the league in rushing.

It was his NFL credentials that first attracted DeFillippo and BC to Jagodzinski. They knew what they were getting but he did not. He had never been required to kiss up to pinhead College personnel, nor even more importantly, to program boosters. He was reportedly also not thrilled about the recruiting process.

Given all the above, Jagodzinski still had great success for BC. His first year brought BC the first 11 win season since 1940. He helped QB Matt Ryan become the 3 choice overall in the NFL draft and then 2008 … Read more at FryingPanSports

There are reasons that OSU is a professional bridesmaid.

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There are reasons that OSU is a professional bridesmaid.

By Bill Smith

Another bowl, another loss. Let me start off by saying that I have had a chance to meet Coach Tressel and he is an outstanding human being. but it still was not enough.

The Good

It was a great game that was fun to watch even for OSU fans except for the last 2 minutes. Tressel came up with more creative gameplan than in the previous big game losses. The teams played as hard as they could.

It was good to see Todd Boeckman get to play in the game. He is a great young man. He lost his job due to two factors out of his control. First, he is a pocket QB without a pocket to throw from. The O line played so badly all year that he was not given enough protection to allow his skills to produce points for the Bucks. The second factor was the arrival of Terrel Pryor. Pryor is a totally different level of athlete. He is the most athletic and polished freshman QB I have seen in 50 years of … Read more at FryingPanSports

Utah blows another hole in Airship B(C)S

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By Bill Smith

The University of Alabama football team came into the 2009 Sugar Bowl believing they should have been part of the national championship game. They came out on the short end of a 31-17 loss to Utah. No one hated that result more than those college president pinheads that say that there is no need for a playoff in big boy college football.

There is a case to be made that Utah and not Florida should be in the championship game. To that end, let me provide some evidence:

Exhibit A: Florida allowed Alabama to score 20 points while Utah gave up only 17, 7 of which were the direct result of a turnover and 7 more on a punt return.

Exhibit B: Utah held the vaunted Tide running game to 31 yards net on 33 attempts. That is .9 yards a carry. Against national championship bound Florida, Bama also ran 33 time but for 136 yards and a 4.1 average including 2 tds.

Exhibit C: Utah forces 3 Bama turnovers where Florida only forced one.

Exhibit D: Utah held Bama to 5.7 yards per pass attempt while Florida allows 7.5 ypa against them.

Exhibit … Read more at FryingPanSports