Saturday's nibblets around the net.

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Saturday’s nibblets around the net.

By Bill Smith

What can the Cavs do to keep LeBron James after 2010?


Every time James plays in the Garden or talks about playing there, he acts like a 15 year old in puppy love with his 25 year old English teacher. So what is the big deal?

It can’t be the endorsement money because LeBron already ranks #59 in the Forbes list of top Celebrities Endorsements list. According to Forbes, he got 125 million dollars in deals last year alone. He can make just as much money in Cleveland as in New York.

The only things that New York has to offer is life style and the Garden. So what can the Cavs do?

My Advice: Win baby, just win. The Cavs have added some great pieces to help LeBron win a Championship in Cleveland. Win a title in 08-09 and another in 09-10 and James will stay. If New York signs James, he will be right where he was 3 years ago in Cleveland—the star surrounded by sows ears. They won’t have enough money left to sign any help for him. Jordan couldn’t win until the Bulls brought in help Read more at FryingPanSports