Buying the Best Softball Bat

Buying a Softball Bat

Several factors come into play when you’re ready to buy a softball bat. Each bat is designed for either a fast pitch or a slow pitch ball, so select a bat for the kind of ball you play. Next, consider your height and weight, both of which help determine the length and weight of your bat. Height and weight charts for purchasing softball bats are available online and in sporting goods stores. Referring to a chart is a good place to start.

Another factor when considering the weight of your bat is how hard you hit the ball. Stronger, more powerful players generally want a heavier bat.

Once you have decided the best weight and length for your bat, you have more decisions to make. It is time to consider the barrel size. A longer barrel provides a larger sweet spot, which is desirable for making contact with the ball. However, a shorter barrel is lighter and provides a faster swing speed.

Another decision concerns the diameter of the handle, called the bat taper. The taper can vary and affect the weight of the bat. If you prefer a lighter weight, you may want a narrower taper, which will allow you to rotate your wrists around the bat more quickly when you hit. Next, decide which type of grip material you prefer on your handle.

Today’s softball bats are made of aluminum and come in different weights because manufacturers mix the aluminum with different alloys. Aluminum bats can be lined with other materials, such as graphite and titanium, which make softball bats stronger and lighter and reduce the sting when you hit the ball outside the sweet spot.

As you can see, you will need to weigh several factors when purchasing your new softball bat. However, somewhere, out there, is the bat just for you.

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