Buying Goalie Masks and Ice Hockey Sticks

Buying Goalie Masks

When out on the ice rink or the roller hockey court, buying ice hockey sticks may be the most important consideration that will affect your game. Some athletes will agree that there is nothing like the feel of a wooden hockey stick, and in order to get it top shelf in the net it is a necessity. Especially for budget minded players, however, it is important to consider the benefits of buying a composite stick. Composite sticks are lighter, more durable, and above all they last three to four times longer than their wooden counterparts.

It is important to consult someone knowledgeable when purchasing a hockey stick. Different professional players who are sponsored by companies like Easton, CCM, and Nike Bauer have different blade patterns depending on their position as play maker, sniper, or power forward. Whether you choose wooden or composite, keep in mind that your hockey stick should come up to your chin while standing up in your skates, and should feel comfortable within your hands.

If you are the most popular guy at the recreational rink, also known as the net minder, then it is important to sort through a number of goalie masks to find one that meets your needs. Some goalies prefer the cat eye configuration of the titanium bars that protect the face from pucks. In this configuration the bars come across the eyes forming an oval that sits on its side, allowing for better visibility of the puck. However it important to remember that not all local leagues allow the use of cat eye masks because they can cause rare, but serious injury if the puck strikes the goalie in such a way as to enter the holes.

Hockey is growing in popularity throughout the United States on a daily basis make sure you get geared up today!

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