The Browns will struggle to fill the OC position.

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The Browns struggles to fill the OC & QB coach positions have nothing to do with perceived “dysfunction” of the franchise. But make no mistake, the Browns will have to beg an experienced OC to come to Cleveland.

I am glad to see Kyle Shanahan and his joined at the hip QB coach Dowell Loggains out of the picture. My problem with Shanahan was the total lack of in game adjustments and the lack of creativity. Rather than developing a game plan focused on his experience at Texas A&M for Johnny Manziel’s first start, Shanahan just plugged in the RG3 game plan. Manziel never had any experience with the read option. So why would Shanahan try to use a plan that did not relevant to Manziel’s experience?

I had a much bigger issue with Loggains’ performance. My question is how can a qualified QB coach watch as starter Brian Hoyer’s mechanics deteriorated and not do everything possible to correct them? In addition, Loggains had no impact on developing and improving Manziel’s mechanics. Part of that is on Johnny but part falls at the feet of his position coach.

But the instability the Browns have experienced is not the problem that will make finding replacements for both Shanahan and Loggains. The biggest challenge in finding replacements will be the organization’s belief (or hope) that Manziel can become a quality NFL starting QB.

The problem with Manziel is that no matter how good a QB coach is, or how hard that coach works to correct the issues, if Johnny doesn’t care enough to put in the work to get better, it won’t matter. Manziel will never develop into a quality QB because he doesn’t put in the work. As I have said since the end of the 2012 college season, if I was the GM Russell Wilson would have been my QB. Manziel is at the opposite end of the QB work ethic scale from Wilson. Wilson does everything he can to develop his skills. Manziel would rather party.

No quality OC or QB coach will want to risk their career on a guy that doesn’t care enough to work to improve. As a result, until the Browns get another candidate to challenge Manziel or move him off the roster, the team will struggle to find an experienced OC or QB coach.

Johnny talks a good game in interviews indicating he wants to do whatever it takes to improve. Then he skips rehab appointments and goes to the airport to party. I have no interest in Maziel and no faith that he will ever get it. No coaching will fix a guy that is too self absorbed to put in the work to improve.

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The Browns will struggle to fill the OC position. by

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