The Browns risk failure if they draft Johnny Manziel

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The biggest rumor around Cleveland is that the team wants Johnny Manziel. They may even be so taken by him they would consider trading up to the top spot to take him. My advice is be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.


Many so called experts have equated Manziel with Super Bowl Champion QB Russell Wilson. While they are both under 6 feet tall, that is where the comparison ends. Wilson has a thick body type. While he is not tall he is very well build. Manziel is not.


Wilson uses his running ability with great care making sure he gets out of bounds or gets down before he takes a big hit. Manziel is much more reckless with his body and takes big hits regularly in college. He was hurt several times in college and in the NFL the hits get harder and more frequent. Given the number of QB injuries the Browns have suffered in the last two years, the life expectancy of Manziel would be limited.


When his protection breaks down, Wilson moves in the pocket looking down field to make a throw. Manziel’s first instinct is if his primary receiver is covered he runs.


Wilson has a 8.5 (out of 10) in arm strength. Manziel is at best a 6. That indicates that he will struggle to throw the ball accurately late in the season in Cleveland.


Manziel is far behind where Wilson was when he was drafted in terms of defense recognition and ability to make pre-snap adjustments. Manziel gets his play and pre-snap adjustments from signs on the sideline.


The biggest difference I see between Wilson and Manziel is in the time and effort they put in to

preparation. One of the reasons I supported Wilson for the Browns was his preparation and ability to adapt to different offensive systems. When he graduated from North Carolina State he went to graduate school in Wisconsin. Before the first game he had impressed his fellow players and coaches so much that he was elected captain. Manziel enjoys his life as a Big Man on Campus. That will only become a higher priority for him when he becomes a pro and the face of a franchise.


The ONLY first round value QB on my board is Teddy Bridewater of Louisville. He is the most pro ready QB in the draft. Manziel and the others are going to get over drafted because so many teams need QBs. I just hope that the Browns are not one of those teams.


That is what I think. Tell us what you think.


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