Is the Browns HC job the ugly older sister?

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Another open letter to  Jimmy Haslam:

The NFL announced that Pats’ OC Josh McDaniels has removed himself from consideration for the Browns head coaching job. Last year Joe Banner felt he had a deal with Chip Kelly at dinner. Kelly left the table to take a call and never came back. He signed with the Eagles. Later last year they thought that Ken Whisenhunt would be the guy but he turned them down as well. The Redskins have a much better “brand name” list of guys they are interviewing than the Browns’ list. They seem to be looking at all potential candidates rather than just those that are represented by agent Jimmy Sexton.

So what is the issue?

I am not sure but this is a question that Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam needs the answer to quickly.  He needs to call McDaniels and the others that gave the Browns a cold shoulder to find out exactly what turned them off.   My guess is that the problem last year was that Banner told each candidate that the OC was going to be Norv Turner.  Neither Kelly nor Whisenhunt would put up with their boss telling them who their OC would be.  There are other indications that the issues between the 2013 staff and Banner/Mike Lombardi centered around not bringing in replacement players to fill positions of injured guys. Yet another source said the problem is that Banner and Lombardi have the reputation to be very difficult people with whom to deal.

Whatever the issue is in getting a new HC one thing is totally clear—It is stupid to fire a coach you hired a year into a 4 year deal without having a replacement in your pocket. It indicates that both guys are not doing long term planning. This is a clear indication that Banner/Lombardi are the problem and not the solution.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

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