Browns face a QB question yet again next year.

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The Browns were hoping that Johnny Manziel would show improvement in the last two games of the season after a dismal start in week 15 against the Bengals. But as happens far too often, the starter and his backup, Brian Hoyer, both went down during week 16. So for the 7th time in recent seasons, the Browns may have to start their 3rd QB for the final game.

Manziel had only a quarter Sunday before getting what can only be described as a mysterious injury. But he showed the same bad mechanics as in his last start. The issues with his mechanics can not be solved in a week. He will have to work over the off season to fix the mechanics. A new issue was his way wide stance throwing the ball. That prevents steeping into the throw.

Hoyer is certainly moving on. While he will likely not get a “guaranteed” starting spot, he will be able to compete for that position with another team. But he has major mechanics issues as well. He stares down his receivers, is habitually late on throws, and usually does not climb the pocket to step into throws. He has a shoulder issue and is not likely to play Sunday.

It is likely that the Browns will start Connor Shaw, the undrafted FA from South Carolina. If the Bengals drop tonight’s game against the Broncos, the Ravens will be able to get a playoff spot with a win against the Browns and a win by the Steelers over the Bengals next week. The Ravens could have been in much better shape for the playoffs had they beaten the Texans yesterday.

The Browns now will face another off season with major questions about the QB spot for next year. I am still amazed that the mechanical issues with both Hoyer and Manziel have not been corrected. The Browns have had 7 months to fix the mechanics of both guys. That makes me wonder what the QB coach is doing during the week.

The Browns will have to bring a veteran in that hopefully will have more life in him than the usual suspects they have signed in the past like Rex Grossman. They will also likely take a QB in the middle rounds of the 2015 draft. While there are a couple of decent prospects in this draft, it is not particularly deep at the QB position.

So for Browns fans, the QB merry-go-round will being to spin again in training camp next year. I can’t wait.

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Browns face a QB question yet again next year. by

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