Browns face the QB issue yet again this off season

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Connor Shaw played as well as could be expected overall against the Ravens Sunday. The Browns had the lead going into the 4th quarter. But again, as has happened so often before, the D wore down and the Browns lost.

The Browns are in worse position than they were coming into this season in terms of finding a starting QB. Coming into the 2014 season, they had an injured Brian Hoyer and a possible future starter in first round pick Johnny Manziel. Now Hoyer is a free agent and it is very clear that Manziel is a long way from being a starter.

There is very little chance Hoyer resigns with the Browns. Despite the late season decline in production, he will likely get an offer from the Texans to compete for a starting job.

Manziel is a head case. He admitted he was not ready to start even into the last weeks of the season. He misses rehab sessions, is friendly with blowup swans, and has every defensive player in the NFL wanting to break him in half because he doesn’t respect the game.

Manziel also has a ton of work to do before he could ever be a winning QB. He needs to totally rework his throwing mechanics, footwork, knowledge of the playbook, and ability to read defenses before and after the snap. I have very little faith that he will work hard enough to accomplish any of those changes in this off season.

At this point Shaw would beat out Maziel for the starting QB spot. But Shaw is at best a decent backup. He has very limited arm strength but is able to read defenses to some degree and has much better throwing mechanics. I wonder if the current staff has enough QB knowledge to fix what is wrong with Manziel. I have very little faith in QB Coach Dowell Loggains’ ability to fix Manziel. Perhaps the reason that Shaw’s mechanics are still decent is that Loggains has not taken the time with him to screw them up.

There may be a chance to get a player that has some experience and is young enough to be the QB of the future. If the Titans draft a QB with their second pick overall, their 6th round pick last year Zach Mettenberger could be available for a mid round pick. He would be a major upgrade over any QB currently on the roster. I was not wrong about Russell Wilson and I doubt I am wrong about Zach.

The bottom line is that the future QB of the Browns is not on the 2014 roster.

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Browns face the QB issue yet again this off season by

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