Browns: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.


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The Good: This is exactly the kind of game that the Browns would have lost in previous years. But despite 3 picks by Brian Hoyer and a last minute field goal by the Falcons, Hoyer drove the Browns down the field for a winning field goal.

The running game came back with the return of WR Josh Gordon. That is not a coincidence. Gordon’s presents on the field prevented the Falcons from bringing 47 guys into the box to stop the run. It also opened up the passing game by reducing the double team on the other receivers.

In particular RB Isaiah Cromwell ran very well. His last TD was a piece of art worthy of hanging in any museum. His vision and jump step are outstanding.

The Bad: The one thing that has kept Hoyer as the starting QB is the lack of turnovers. But against a below average backfield, he had 3 picks yesterday. In his last 4 games he has thrown 3 touchdowns but 6 picks. For the season he now has 11 touchdowns and 8 picks. That is not taking good care of the ball. I blame Hoyer for 2 of the 3 picks. There is no reason to throw into coverage with a 1st and goal at the 6. Not only was that a bad pass, it was a bad call. The last pick was just miss-communication between Hoyer and Gordon. Given the short time they had to work together this week, I can excuse that.

The O line has regressed in the last four games. The line has allowed 6 sacks and nearly constant pressure. That was even true against a poor front 7 of the Falcons. In addition it has struggled to get to the 2nd level blocking the run. It needs to get a lot better if the Browns have any hope of contending for a playoff spot.

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