The Browns chose wisely for their OC.

John DeFilippo

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Yesterday the Browns introduced John DeFilippo as their new offensive coordinator. In my judgment, that was an excellent choice. He had been the QB coach of the Raiders. But what I like best about him is he brings a history of fixing broken QB mechanics. If the Browns are ever going to get anything out of their 1st round pick of Johnny Manziel, DeFilippo is going to have to do major surgery on Johnny’s mechanics and attitude.

As QB coach for the Jets in 2009, he faced a difficult problem. The team drafted rookie Mark Sanchez who had started just 1 year for USC. It was DeFilippo’s job to turn Sanchez into an NFL starter. He was able to help Sanchez lead the Jets to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

As QB coach for San Jose State, he molded Jordan La Secla into a serviceable QB that threw for 2860 yards and a QB rating of 125.8 in 2010. The next season he helped Matt Faulkner throw for 3149 yards and a QBR of 131.6.

In 2012 he was named QB coach for the Raiders. He turned Terrelle Pryor from a runner to as much of an NFL QB as was possible. Pryor ended up with a 70.8 QBR in 12 and 69.1 rating in 13. Pryor’s mechanics improved dramatically in the two years he spent with DeFilippo. It is not easy to turn a spread QB with run first mentality into anything approaching an NFL QB.

When Pryor went down in 2013, DeFilippo’s work with backup rookie Matt McGloin was obvious. McGloin became a serviceable QB and ended with a passer rating of 76.1.

This past year DeFilippo converted another rookie spread QB, Derek Carr, into a viable NFL starter. While the team did not win many games, it was not because of Carr. Carr threw for 3,270 yards and 21 touchdowns.

DeFilippo is an open minded OC that will be willing to adjust his system and terminology to match what the Browns used last year as much as possible. If he turns Johnny into a decent starter, DeFilippo deserves a metal.

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