The Big10 has developed a new sport—WreslingBall

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The first couple of league games have been played and two things stand out.

(1) The refs are far more interested in getting free drinks at the local bar after the game than in calling a fair game. They are homers. I am not sure if they are getting influenced by the crowd or just in fear for their lives. Either way the home team is getting WAY too high a percentage of the calls.

(2) WreslingBall is alive and well in the Big10. Part of the reason that the middle and lower level teams in the league have not done well in the NCAA Tournament is they are used to “no blood no foul” officiating. While the top teams can adjust to the different style, lower teams struggle with it.

I remember when Ohio State went to Minnesota then coached by Bill Musselman. When the Gofers fell behind they started a brawl that put some Buckeyes in the hospital. That was on the Musselman. If it happens again it will be on the league and the refs. When you allow that level of physical play without a foul you invite an escalation of violence. That is not good for the player, the schools or the league.

Of course no one in the Ivory Towers of the league will listen. However, in the long term the bad or one sided officiating will hurt the legitimacy of the product.






That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.


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The Big10 has developed a new sport—WreslingBall by
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