Bending the Best Soccer Goal Ever

best soccor goal ever

People ask themselves what the best soccer goal ever, was. The history of the sport does not lend itself to defining that question easily. Some people would point toward a goal they saw that, when it was kicked, made them feel like they had been hit over the head with a softball bat. Others would disagree, pointing instead, toward a goal of total technical prowess, one that required moments of set up and was dribbled in almost evading recognition. Still other soccer fans might argue that the best goal cannot even be defined since there are so many different styles of play and ways for goals to be achieved.

All debates aside, the goals that consistently inspire other players to get into the game of soccer bend like the arch of a bow, strung to shoot. Every soccer fan has seen the penalty kick where a team is lined up shoulder to shoulder, and the kicker, with seemingly effortless ease kicks the ball, full bend, around the line of defenders and into the corner of the net beyond the goalies reach. Soccer enthusiasts have argued about these goals for decades. Fans, new to the game often have to be convinced the physics of the bend are possible. Books have been written on the topic.

So, more than the flashy bicycle kick or the long-range, sniper goal, the player who skillfully bends a ball back into the net beyond a diving goalkeeper is near to the heart of the greatest soccer goals ever. That being said, close contention can be found for any player, Maradona, Messi, Pele or any other who has the foot skills enough to dribble around a half dozen defenders and lob a kick into an undefended net where the keeper was juked onto his knees. Goals are so rare, that any ball safely housed in the net can be called a great.

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  1. I really don’t think you can consider goals from dead ball situations to be some of the greatest of all time. I think you have to look at goals from the likes of Maradona and Giggs vs Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final replay, where they’ve taken on a handful of players and then applied that masterful finish. Just something to think about!

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