What Makes a Sport Extreme?

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Extreme sport shot to popularity in the nineties, despite popular belief, the definition of extreme is not how inherently dangerous the sport is, but whether or not it aligns with a number of other unwritten rules. Extreme sport’s lowest common denominator is that of counter culture, by counter culture I mean being in opposition to the established culture of sport and recreation, that is, values of safety, fair play and sportsmanship. Cycling is statically one of the most dangerous sports, as riders often pick up numerous injuries, whereas Squash is one of the most lethal, more people die playing Squash than in any other sport.

A sport being classed as ‘extreme’ therefore, isn’t all about danger and death, rather it is a division of competitive sport that flies in the face of traditional ideals. Extreme sports are commonly perceived to be performed at high speed and provide an adrenaline rush, though this does not tell the whole story. Consider motorsport, arguably the quickest and most adrenaline inducing sport, this does not fall under the ‘extreme’ banner.

Rather, we may think about extreme sports in terms of their youthfulness or lack of tradition, thus BMX is far more … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Cowboys fire Phillips and other failures this past week.

Wilson Football

It was a tough week for picking college games. I went 1-4 and now have a 23-14 record.

I did better on the pro game vs the point spread. I went 5-0 with Indy covering but losing. I now am 19-8 against the spread.

Cowgirl Owner Jerry Jones fired HC Phillips.

JJ finally had enough of the way the Girls were playing and fired the head cheerleader HC Wade Phillips. The 45-7 loss last week to the Packers on Sunday night football was the last straw. OC Garrett is now temporary HC. The team had quit on the coaching staff and that included the O under Garrett. The Girls will not be Boys again until JJ gives up meddling with the team and turns over the football operations to someone that knows what they are doing.

College Football:

#3 TCU 47 #5 Utah 7 – This was a landslide from the kickoff. As I predicted, Utah was badly over rated. TCU moved over Boise State in the latest BcS rankings to 3rd overall. If either Oregon or Auburn fall, TCU will be in the big game.

#10 LSU 24 #6 Alabama 21 – A 4th down trick play and the … Read more at FryingPanSports

GPS Running Watch – Running With Focus And Progress

GPS Running Watch

For the most part, human beings do things that could lead them to be the best that they can be. For this reason, we engage ourselves in activities in which we can have something that would greatly benefit us. Exercise, for example, is one of those activities that we do which has enormous positive effects on our total well-being. This fact is acknowledged by many and is being supported by a number of research studies.

Among those various physical exercises that we take on, running is one of the most beneficial. It is well-known worldwide and is being practiced by many people despite of race and culture. While other may enjoy running as an exercise, others still enjoy it more when coupled with proper monitoring about their running routine progress.

A GPS running watch documents and analyzes the statistics that is being recorded while you run. This is very possible with its GPS technology. Other than that, any runner can give all its focus to the running itself since this device has proven to have high accuracy and is very reliable. It is also very convenient for every runner as he/she does not have to scribble down various statistics … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Growing Popularity of Hockey Sports Jerseys

Hockey Jersey

Hockey Sports Jerseys

There is no greater feeling than attending the game of your favorite sports team and supporting them by wearing sports jerseys that support them. No longer are sports apparel jerseys popular with just the NBA and the NFL, today sports jerseys hockey are just as popular and fashionable as any other sport. Wearing NHL jerseys is looked at as the mainstream method for supporting your favorite team.

Sports jerseys hockey give you the opportunity to display your loyalty to your particular team while at the same time allowing you to showcase an eye-catching and fashionable clothing item. They can be purchased in many different styles along with supporting accessories to fit just about anyone’s particular taste. Many people simply like the feel and look of this popular sports attire and wear them as casual clothing.

NHL jerseys are available in many sizes including long and tall as well as in fashionable cuts that have become very popular with women. The latest trends in team sports apparel are special jerseys designed to highlight a team or person. These jerseys are usually worn in memory or commemoration of player achievements and accomplishments. In addition to the special jerseys there

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Attributes of Halex’s Top-selling Badminton Sets

Halex Badminton Set

Badminton is considered by many individuals as a great sport and means for exercise and recreation. People from various age groups in different parts of the globe take pleasure in playing this sport. Many badminton buffs are quite unfamiliar with what pieces of badminton equipment they need. To make setting up their own badminton game a lot easier for customers, several sporting goods companies put together badminton sets that are already complete with all the necessities.

Let us take a close look at one of the leaders in the said industry which is Halex. One of its most notable products is the Halex Premier Deluxe which weighs approximately 11lbs. It contains poles that are made of PVC that have a diameter of 1.5 inches. These poles stand at the official height of 5 feet and 1 inch and is made even more stable when used in conjunction with ground stakes. Also following the standard measurement is the tarpaulin sleeve net which is 21 by 2.5 feet. Four rackets and three shuttlecocks are also provided. The shuttlecocks are made of nylon and the rackets of tempered steel. The shaft of each racket is padded to facilitate comfort when using. Aside from … Read more at FryingPanSports

The 24 BMX for Racing and Freestyle Riding

Motorcross BMX

BMX is short for Bicycle Moto-Cross. With X being the abbreviation for ‘cross’. BMX biking is cycle racing of sorts with riders using specially designed BMX bikes. Generally speaking the wheel diameter of BMX bikes is 18 to 24 inches. 24 BMX bikes are used in both BMX racing and BMX freestyle competitive events. BMX racing is typically done on dirt tracks and while freestyle events are held in a controlled environment where BMX ramps and jumps have been built into a tight circuit for close and exciting competition.

BMX is considered a Class of bike. The BMX frame is quite small but very strong and light weight. When one first looks at a BMX bike they might be mistaken to think it is a child’s bike. Just looking at a BMX one can’t fathom how a full grown adult could ride one. But ride they do! And they do it all standing up. Some riding styles and BMX bikes don’t even have a seat or seat post. This gives the rider the ultimate in quick handling and performance for stunts and jumping. The standard BMX frame is mounted with 20 inch wheels, and it is often a customize or … Read more at FryingPanSports