Austin Davis is the right QB to start this week.


NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and detailed the Browns loss to the Ravens including the details of the blocked field goal attempt.

Austin Davis has a 3 year deal and had more starts than Johnny Manziel. He is at the least a solid backup QB and at best perhaps a part time starter. He has an NFL arm but not a cannon. He sees the field and reads defenses fairly well. And the most significant advantage he has over Manziel is that he has not lied to the coaching staff.

The last statement is most significant. Even if Manziel was on the field a clone of Cam Newton the fact is that he can not be trusted to become the face of the franchise. Manziel has been coddled his entire life. That has resulted in an attitude that he can get away with almost anything including lying to the staff.

Often a person who goes into rehab is not able to sustain a clean life after resuming their lives. It often takes 3 or 4 trips to rehab to over come their addiction. When that person has been able to avoid punishment for his indiscretions it could even require more treatment.

The bottom line is Manziel is not an NFL quality starting QB. My opinion is shared by a number of better known NFL analysts. He would be better off with a new team. He has burned too many bridges in Cleveland. Admittedly he has progressed this season. But he will never put in the work to fully develop his talent because he is as interested in being a celebrity as he is a football player. As long as that is the case he will ever even become as good as he could be. That also means he will never succeed in the NFL.

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Austin Davis is the right QB to start this week. by

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