Around the NFL for week 17.


The NFL is looking into playoff teams holding out their starters in the final games.

Comm. Goodell—STAY OUT OF IT. You can not tell a team they have to risk their championship hopes just to satisfy your ego and the degenerate gamblers that are dumb enough to bet on the final games of the regular season. You don’t have that power and shouldn’t. Let the teams do what they think is in their best interest. But Goodell will probably end up fining teams that refuse to go all out in the final games. If a star QB or RB gets hurt in the last game and is out for the playoffs, the team should sue the NFL for gross stupidity.


It looks more and more like there will be no NFL football in 2011.

The NFLPA and owners have not gotten very far in working out a new deal.  If there is no agreement by Feb. 1, there will be an upcapped year in 2010.  I will detail what will happen next week in this column.


Chiefs @ Broncos—Dunce McDaniel pulls another stupid move.

According to that famous philosopher Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does.” Bronco coach McDaniel has benched All Pro WR Brandon Marshall and TE Tony Scheffler to prove who is boss. McDaniel has ticked off Marshall by benching him early in the year. McD claims that Marshall isn’t tough enough despite the fact that the WR played more than half last year with a hip that needed surgery. He waited to have the operation until after the season because he wanted to be there for his team mates. McD is acting like a spoiled 3 year old. His temper will cost the Broncos one of 2 active WRs with 100+ catches in 3 straight seasons. McD should be gone and Marshall stay.

The Broncos must win to keep their playoff spot. It won’t be any easier without their top 2 receivers.


Pats @ Texans

The Pats have their playoff spot locked up but the Texans need some help. They should get it because the Pat stars will be making at best cameo appearances. Texas wins and waits to see if they make the big game.


Bengals @ Jets

The Bengals are in and the Jets are hanging on to the last Wild Card spot by a thread (tie breaker). With 5 teams tied at 8-7, the Jets must win to stay there. The Bengals will probably rest some key starters nursing injuries. The Jets beat Indy last week in the second half because the Colts pulled their starters. The Jets will win again because the Bengals won’t risk QB Palmer.


Giants @ Vikings

Normally the Vikes would be backing off in their final regular game. I think we will see them try their best to win because they have been stumbling in the last few weeks losing 3 of the last 4. You won’t see DT Pat Williams or TE Shiancoe but expect everyone else to play. They have a chance to reclaim the 2nd playoff spot and a bye in the Wild Card round with a win and an Eagle loss or tie.

The Giants are out of the big dance. They were hoping to steal the Cowboy’s ticket but blew that chance with the loss to the Panthers last week.


Packers @ Cards

The Cards still have an outside chance of getting a bye with a win and losses by the Vikes and Eagles. That won’t happen and this game will be a preview of the 4-5 Wild Card matchup between the two teams. The Cards will have to stop fumbling the ball to get very far. They have gone 3-2 over the last 5 games.

The Pack has been playing very well winning 7 of their last 8 after a mid season swoon. They seem to be playing better on D every week. They have improved in their 3-4 despite the loss of some key players. They will put pressure on QB Warner. The game will depend on the ability of the Cards to run the ball and protect the passer. If the Cards do, they will win. If not they will not only lose this game but likely the Wild Card game as well.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on and edits .

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  1. Happy New Year

    glad I have your blog bookmarked
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  2. Yeah, what CONCHFINFAN said, 4 Wins Now! So how do them crow feathers taste, all you nay sayyers? Hey Nick? Do you ever check the comments your readers write about your articles, or what? A response would at least let your readers know you aren’t out of touch with them, too. A shame you failed to recognize Miami in an otherwise, informative and well written piece like this. I’ll be looking forward to your next commentary to see if you feel the Miami Dolphins are worthy of your consideration yet. Go Dolphins!
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  3. The Dolphins had a nice season. Last year I talked about them all the time because they were the biggest surprise in years in the NFL. This year the tougher schedule caught up with them. They survived the loss of 2 QBs and played very well. Hope that helps and thanks for reading this site.

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  4. I don’t know how they do the scheduling, but I don’t really have a problem with it though either way. You’ll face your opponents at some point any way, so if your team’s good, they’ll find ways to win whenever the game.

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  5. Cincy defense has proven to be rather decent at times, and I expect Ray Rice to get plenty of carries on the ground.
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