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Not many American based companies can honestly compare their successes and hold merit with Nike, Inc. Founded in the 1970’s by Phil Knight, this Pacific Northwest company has sold anything and everything that is related to sports. If there is some minute connection to sports, Nike will find a way to slap their emblematic logo on it and sale a bunch of it. I am going to attempt to give a very brief rundown of many of the products that Nike makes available to their consumers.

Let’s start with their running shoes. These have been the bell cow of their company for the entirety of the Nike life span. They’ve seen high tops and Air Jordans come and go. Today, the Nike Shox brand is one of their best sellers. These shoes were designed for just runners originally, but have since branched to most of the other major sports. They are durable and lightweight making them an ideal fit for experienced runners. You can buy Nike Shox online or find them in pretty much an sporting goods store.

Nike t shirts have also always been a very popular item. Their popularity really has soared in the last decade or so when athletes like Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras began sporting their apparel during competition. For the quality and durability of their tees and polos, the price tag of under $30 is very reasonable.

Nike sells backpacks, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and basketballs. They sell socks and even underwear. It has to be their internationally known logo that has helped give their products a serious level of cool and helped them sale like hot cakes. You can purchase all of these Nike goods mentioned and more at their website. For even better prices, check out sites such as Amazon and Overstock for great deals and discounts.

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  1. My partner is a fan of Nike, he always goes to a Nike store whenever we go out to check out new products and of course, discounts!

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