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Bouldering is a popular extreme sport wherein, as the term suggests, boulderers climb boulders or chunks of rocks.  This type of sport calls for high level of power and strength as well as complex climbing style or technique.

Such type of sport requires different equipment necessary for the boulderers to climb safely and successfully. One of which is a pair of climbing shoes that will provide the boulderer’s feet with enough grip and protection. A loose chalk powder is another tool needed to keep the hands dry while climbing. Brushes with different sizes are also necessary as they are used for cleaning holes to which the boulderers can hold on. Getting cuts, blisters, and sprained joints are also inevitable so sports tape should always be included in the kit. Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing is another important requirement.

Bouldering is relatively harder than the traditional wall climbing because it involves more complicated rock patterns and requires greater endurance and swifter moves.

To protect boulderers from the impact of falling to ground, they put on crash pads known as boulder mats to avoid incurring more serious injuries. Normally, boulderers take a 3- to 5-meter climb. However, there are some who go free soloing wherein boulderers take on highball bouldering problem, which entails more than 7 meters of climbing. Gym-trained boulderers are usually the ones who take on such greater challenge.

Pierre Allain introduced and developed this sport in France in the 1930s. John Hill, on the other hand, pioneered the sport in the United States in the 1950s.

If you are interested in this kind of sport, you may check out some indoor climbing gyms near you. You may also bring your kids and get them a head start in developing their climbing skills. Just make sure you and your kids are fully geared and well-equipped to avoid injuries and accidents.

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