A Look At The Fiat 500

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After a long absence from the US, Fiat, largely due to the relationship they are involved with at the new Chrysler Corporation, re-entered the market with the Fiat 500. During their opening introduction salvos, they featured full page newspaper ads that high-lighted the small car. Quite honestly, the first impression, based on these ads was not particularly favorable. It looked like just another toy car doomed to quick extinction by American tastes for big and bigger.

Then something happened. Perhaps it was the Jennifer Lopez link, but when TV ads began appearing that gave close up views of this vehicle, perception changed. What a delightful little car this Fiat actually was, once you got up close and personal. This little gem has great, novel European lines, and extremely attractive styling. Like Jennifer, there is no doubt that this thing is hot, which may not be everyone’s favorite temperature. To be sure, it is small. Surprisingly, for its size it seats two rather comfortably. That is the market segment they are after.

Many American car buyers will not be impressed. To many, Euro style means unattractive. There is some apprehension about quality, as well as price and power. The Fiat 500 comes into the market with a MSRP just under $16,000. But the range for upscale models coming in the future can exceed $20,000. Fiat claims mileage of 30 city/38 hwy with its 1.4 liter engine. None of these figures can be considered exceptional for its class, but they are acceptable. These are the kinds of issues stateside drivers will have on their minds when they consider purchasing a Fiat. Some already wonder why this particular vehicle was chosen for the US market when Fiat has a number of sportier and more practical models in their line-up. Others will regard this sub compact as a novelty, but novelty, if done right does have a market.

The Fiat 500 is being offered in a hatchback and well as a convertible. Both offer Bluetooth technology as standard equipment as well as usb playback. The convertible offers more standard items like 15” wheels, AM/FM/CD3 radio, leather steering wheel and chrome wheel covers. Options include a Bose sound system and a leather package. Leave it to the Europeans to offer a lighter and ashtray option. The standard transmission is a 5 speed manual but a 6 speed automatic is also offered.

Often the attractiveness and appeal of a car can be enhanced when vibrant colors are offered. Fiat is clearly aware of that and offers 14 appealing hues, and as many as 12 seat covering options. Even the convertible tops colors; black, beige and red are fun. Incidentally, the top can be lowered at speeds up to 50 mph.

So far the jury is out on the diminutive bug-mobile. If cute, and fun and different are acceptable, it works. If the goal is a vehicle for families, it’s not the best choice. Neither is it the ideal vehicle for long trips or carrying cargo. If the goal is a very cute sub compact car that will do well in city driving conditions, the Fiat 500 or the Fiat 500c convertible can be the perfect vehicle.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the automotive, technology, and finance industries for three years. Last year Nicole decided to purchase a new car. Before making this huge purchase she always checks to see if she has a good credit score. Knowing she had a good score Nicole made her car purchase. With her new car Nicole made sure to check insurance quotes online in order to get the best deals. She knows that she is well covered and saved a lot of money.

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