A 7 Round Mock Draft for the Browns


4 If WR Sammy Watkins of Clemson is there I would trade this pick to the Bills for 1-9 and 3-73. It is possible that the Browns could get the Bills 2nd but would have to likely give them a 4th to get it. For this mock I will assume they deal is as outlined above. I would give up Watkins because I do not trust his ability to give up the drug use. Remember that Jacksonville gambled on a WR with a drug history in Justin Blackmon who played four games in 2013 before being suspended for a year.


9 Mike Evans WR Texas A&M 6′ 5″ 225

Evans is a big fast receiver with great hands. No player in the draft has the catching range or fights for the ball better than he does.


26 Trade to a team that wants the best QB on the board.

It is hard to tell which team wants to jump above Houston at 33 to grab the 4th best QB. If Teddy Bridgewater is there at 26 I would take him. He is the most ready and lowest risk QB in the draft. Otherwise I would trade the pick for a 1 next year or a 2nd and 4th in this draft.


35 Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech 6′ 0″ 190

Fuller is a big corner that tackles well and would be a competent starter opposite Joe Haden.


Travis Swanson OC Arkansas 6′ 5″ 270 (2nd round pick from trade of #26)

Even if they don’t lose Alex Mack this season, he will not be back in 2015. Swanson is a versatile blocker on the pass and run.


71 Terrence Brooks FS Florida State 5-11 198

Brooks is a true center fielder which the Browns have lacked for years.


73 Zach Mettenberger QB LSU 6′ 5″ 224 (pick from Buffalo)

Mettenberger is the equal of Blake Bortles but falls due to his injury. He will be physically ready by mid season and is a value here.


83 Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin 5′ 11″ 248

Borland provides great run defense and just makes plays. He reminds scouts of Chris Spielman.


102 Anthony Steen OG Alabama 6′ 3″ 314

Steen is a road grader with good feet to fit the new offensive running game of the Browns.


Storm Johnson RB Central Florida 6′ 0″ 220 (4th round pick from the #26 deal)

Running backs fall Johnson has speed and power.


123 Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska 6′ 3″ 218

If SJB does not work out as a corner, he is a prospect at S.


133 Chris Watt OG Notre Dame 6′ 3″ 310

Watt is another athletic G that can pull for the run.


164 Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech 6′ 6″ 248

Thomas is a 6-6 athlete. He may develop into a QB but can be a FB or TE if he doesn’t.


195 Jay Prosch FB Auburn 6′ 0″ 254

The Browns running game has not been even fair for a long time. Prosch is a thumper that gets to the 2nd level and blows up a LB.


That is what I think. Tell us what you think.


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